2. Lessons

2. LessonsBeFunky_Pointillism_2

• Private lessons with Michael Levin are
offered through Columbia College, Chicago,
where he is adjunct faculty in the Department of Music.
 ● Students entering Columbia College with the admirable
intention of pursuing a program of study emphasizing
the value of an interdisciplinary education should be
aware that Columbia College only offers music lessons
to music majors. ● Students entering Columbia College
with experience in traditional elementary, jr. high, and
high school music programs [programs emphasizing the
fundamental value of individual, private lessons] should
be aware that the administration of Columbia College
has instituted an innovative program. This program
channels into GROUP lessons all music students not
majoring in the study of the specific instrument for
which they desire lessons. This bold development saves
Columbia College money. The total compensation for
Columbia College’s president in 2017 was $912,965.
● Students entering Columbia College with the reasonable
expectation that existing musical programs/ensembles
will continue to be offered during the time of their
attendance should be aware that this is a wildly
optimistic assumption [“For the past several years, 
we’ve been offering more ensembles than our
enrollment would justify,….This year (2017)…we
will offer a smaller number of ensembles in alignment
with our educational priorities and our anticipated
enrollment….If we seek to retain returning students
and grow our enrollment, it’s up to all of us to
represent positive change to them.” — Music
Department Ensemble Task Force, 4.14.17 ].
● Students entering Columbia College with the
admirable intention of pursuing a program of study
emphasizing the value of critical inquiry should
be aware that the adminstration of Columbia College
has twice [unsuccessfully] attempted to close down
important courses in the Israel-Palestine conflict
which challenge Israeli 
hasbara (and the American
Association of University Professors has strongly
criticized Columbia College for attempting to
violate academic freedom). ● CC students hoping
to use Columbia College facilities after graduating
should be aware that Columbia College campus visitation
policy strongly discourages this use by requiring
alumni to schedule a specific appointment before
permission is granted to enter any campus building. 

Note: Michael Levin does not offer recommendations to
study abroad programs in Israel. These programs potentially
violate the rights of US faculty and students, including
campus non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies,
they potentially violate academic freedom of Palestinian,
Arab, and Muslim students, they work in tandem with the
repudiated practice of blacklisting as a means of political
repression, and they may be complicit in violations of
international law by Israeli universities including systemic
racial discrimination. Finally, Israel is proceeding to
escalate its outrageous “discriminatory
policy aimed at
preventing international academics from staying in the
West Bank and refusing to renew visas for those
with teaching contracts.” [For further background see
Odeh Bisharat’s article in the Israeli daily Haaretz:
It is time to boycott Israeli academia,” July 29, 2019;
David Palumbo-Liu’s article in Truthout: “
Systematically Blocks International Scholars From
Reaching Palestine
,” August 11, 2019, and Amira Hass’
article in Israeli daily Haaretz: “
Israeli university heads
say won’t intervene in discrimination against Palestinian
,” Haaretz, August 28, 2019. (Palestine Legal:
“Israel's denial of entry to foreigners wishing to teach
or study in the West Bank was one discriminatory practice
cited in a Pitzer College vote to suspend the school's study
abroad program in Haifa earlier this year.”)] Recent articles
of interest include: Nora Barrows-Friedman, “How Israel
Promotes Cyberbullying of US Students
,” Electronic Intifada,
May 9, 2018; Yumna Patel,  “Israel holds a US scholar in
administrative detention, as colleagues demand his release
Mondoweiss, November 25, 2019; Tamara Nassar,
"Palestinian American researcher held by Israel,” Electronic
Intifada, December 5, 2019; ShiraKadari-Ovadia,
Jerusalem's Hebrew U to Give Students
Credit for Volunteering With Right-wing Group That
Blacklists Academics
. Im-Tirzu targets left-leaning
politicians, public figures and academics as
," Haaretz, February 13, 2020; “Petition:
Demand an end to the harassment of Palestinian scientists
and academics and an immediate release of prof. Imad
,” Action Network, July 2020];  Meron Rapoport,
Israel denies COVID vaccine to Palestinian
student at Tel Aviv University
. The student, who lives in
the West Bank, was barred from receiving a vaccine
after traveling for hours to the university for
acampus-wide vaccination drive,” +972, March 3, 2021;
University of Brasilia Professors Association
Votes by 80% Against Collaboration with Israeli Apartheid
March 30, 2021; Or Kashti, “In About-face, Israeli
University Heads Decide to Admit Settlement University
to Joint Body. After a nearly decade-long dispute,
Association of University Heads admits Ariel
University located in West Bank settlement,”
Haaretz, April 10, 2021; “
Birzeit University calls
for concrete action to end Israeli colonialism and
,”  May 26,2021; Somdeep Sen,“Israeli
apartheid on campus
. Israeli universities
not only discriminate against their Palestinian
students, but are also complicit in apartheid,” Al
Jazeera, June 29, 2021.” 

Michael Levin is proud to support the BDS call.

[As noted by Palestine Legal: "The Palestinian
civil society call for a boycott to protest Israel’s
ongoing violations of their human rights
includes a call to boycott Israeli academic institutions.
This includes study abroad programs in Israel, which it
says “are part of the Israeli propaganda effort, designed
to give international students a ‘positive experience’ of
Israel, white washing its occupation and denial of Palestinian
rights.” The boycott guidelines also state that
“international faculty should not accept to write
recommendations for students hoping to pursue
studies in Israel,” given these institutions’ complicity
in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights.”]

 When I put my bass down, I’m in trouble.
That’s when the challenge starts because you have to learn how
to be the kind of person you are when you're playing. That’s the
hard part.
Charlie Haden

• Pre-covidMichael was part of the faculty
for the
Chicago Latin Jazz Workshop. As
details about upcoming workshops and clinics are announced
they will be posted here.

Jim Hall Quote

wear a mask

From the World Health Organization [#WHO]

11 Tools for Collaborating on Music
Remotely [from Reverb]


Gateway drug to concerts


Covid sax

For Sale

Not back to normal

Blood Oxygen Levels

Mitsukuni defying the skeleton spectre 

Optimize Zoom Audio Settings for a Remote Music Lesson

From People's CDC ["a coalition of
public health practitioners, scientists,
healthcare workers, educators, advocates
and people from all walks of life working
to reduce the harmful impacts of COVID-19”]

The Ambassadors by Holbein


"Ten Rules for Students and Teachers” — attributed to John Cage,
however, the actual author is Sister Corita Kent

Glenn Gould and Leonard Bernstein: Bach's Keyboard Concerto
No. 1 in D minor (BWV 1052)

T Monk Advice

Advice from Thelonius Monk, transcribed by Steve Lacy

Laurie Anderson Interview: Advice to the Young


Woodie Guthrie - New Years Resolutions 1943

Woodie Guthrie’s New Years Resolutions for 1943

Terrance Blanchard gives advice to young musicians and shares
his thoughts on jazz

Sounds and Silences

The “boring stuff” from Radium Records/Beat Gang loops

"The expansion was authorized by federal antitrust
prosecutors Wednesday….Liberty media is owned
by billionaire John Malone...Known for his expansionist
and aggressive business tactics, Malone drew scrutiny
in recent years for his support of Donald Trump’s
presidency. Malone donated 250,000 dollars to the
Trump inauguration….What is perhaps most dangerous,
is the sudden ability for one man and one company to
control ‘soup to nuts’ the trajectory of the music industry.
This right-wing billionaire holds the strings to a series of
companies that control touring, concerts, festivals,
ticketing, radio, and podcasts. The potential for monopoly,
exclusion, and even social engineering are suddenly tangible.
Live Nation alone controls the landscape of touring and
has expanded into artists management in recent years.  
‘Justice’ Department spokesperson declined to comment." 

Chick Corea Advice

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Robert Dick gives advice to young musicians and shares
his thoughts on careers in music [also watch part III]

Pat Metheny - Lesson on Improvisation

Black Lives Matter More than White Feelings

Helen Frankenthaler on How to Be an Artist 
● Also see How to Be an Artist, According to
Georgia O’Keeffe
Willem de Kooning on
How to Be an Artist
How to Be an Artist,
According to Louise Bourgeois
; How to Be
an Artist, According to Henri Matisse
; How
to Be an Artist, According to Edvard
Munch, Master of “The Scream”
How to
Be an Artist, According to Josef Albers
Mark Rothko on How to Be an Artist;
Anni Albers on How to Be an Artist

Thoughts by Elvin

Bach Preludio from 3rd Partita | Nicolas Baldeyrou


Practice is very, very real.

Stolen Land


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Angela Davis music eresistance quote

Boston Philharmonic: Interpretation Class with Benjamin Zander:
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto in A Major Mvt. II

But what if they lose?

Patti Smith Interview: Advice to the Young

Carpe Diem

Parents (Phil Hartman, Julia Sweeney) hire
motivational speaker Matt Foley (Chris Farley)
to talk to their teens (David Spade, Christina

"This live DJ set features some early seminal tracks
which arguably helped give rise to the phenomenon
that became known as 'House Music' in Chicago
during the mid-1980's. The accompanying spoken
commentary explains in detail the transition from
classic disco, funk and soul to more electronic sounds
(sometimes referred to as 'Proto-House'). The provided
examples illustrate how creating re-edits inspired
producers and DJs such as Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles
or Marshall Jefferson in defining a raw, tougher and
very fresh dancefloor aesthetic which would soon
go on to conquer the planet." 

Stravinsky on Listening

Zinn - You can't be neutral on a moving train

I'd like a wakeup call

stay humble

On making money from music streaming … // More about Spotify:
"Spotify’s front page “Browse” screen
presents a classic illusion of choice, a stream of genre
and mood playlists, charts, new releases, and now
podcasts and video. It all appears limitless, a function
of the platform’s infinite supply, but in reality it is tightly
controlled by Spotify’s staff and dictated by the interests
of major labels, brands, and other cash-rich businesses
who have gamed the system….Today on Spotify, artists
often have no idea they’ve been added to these
[corporate-branded] playlists….My friend’s band was
completely unaware of its inclusion on the Nike and
Starbucks playlists, and the band receives no additional
compensation beyond the usual streaming royalties
sent to labels and rights-holders. We should call this
what it is: the automation of selling out. Only it
subtracts the part where artists get paid.” // Also
see: "
Why Independent Artists Should Beware
of Streaming Fraud
” — Randi Zimmerman
in SymphonicBlog //

Streaming Payouts 2021

Steaming payouts 2021

2023 Rates

Streaming payouts 2023

The devil wore green with stripes.

The Star-Crossed Lovers (Duke Ellington,
Billy Strayhorn) Solo by Johnny Hodges.
NYC, May 3, 1957.

Four Horsemen of Provrasitination

Chomsky on student debt

"Learn how to Circular Breathe in 10 minutes. Really."

It's free, but they sell your information

Ta-Nehisi Coates on words that don't belong to everyone

Richard Atkinson analyzes the magnificent counterpoint
in the finale of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, no. 41 in C
major, K. 551, culminating in the coda, during which 5
of the previously introduced themes are combined at
once, in five-part invertible counterpoint. 

Racism iceberg cartoon

Hafez quote

The danger of neutrality | Anna Baltzer | TEDxOcala

Fast Food Workers

 The Goldberg Variations with Jeremy Denk: Aria

A Philip Randolph on Equality

Someone on our street likes jazz

Consent? It’s as Simple as Tea ...

Types of Drummers


What the hell is wrong with you?

Doris Lessing


Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) / "seven days to
film, with six hours of fake rain each day….The
perpetually drenched Kelly had a bad cold and
fever the whole time"

"The Record Indusrtry Scam [Why Your Favorite
Musicians are Broke]"; "How money flows in
the music industry"]

Just Say No

You've Blown It Buster

middle-ages med hr

Nathan Ciole: Practice violin speed
and accuracy by grouping notes

Frida Khalo's back brace

Frida Khalo’s back brace


Damned if you do, damned if you dont

Miles Davis from Plugged Nickel Sessions 

Women's pay

"A Far Cry performs its signature work, Tchaikovsky’s
Serenade for Strings, from memory on 18 of the finest
instruments in the world - crafted by the likes of
Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati and hand-selected
by Christopher Reuning of Reuning & Son Violins.

I am just a cookie


"I need to drive my two-year-old to daycare
tomorrow morning. To ensure we arrive alive,
we won't take public transit (Oscar Grant). I
removed all air fresheners from the vehicle
and double-checked my registration status
(Daunte Wright), and ensured my license plates
were visible (Lt. Caron Nazario). I will be careful
to follow all traffic rules (Philando Castille),
signal every turn (Sandra Bland), keep the radio
volume low (Jordan Davis), and won't stop at a
fast food chain for a meal (Rayshard Brooks). I’m
too afraid to pray (Rev. Clementa C. Pickney) so
I just hope the car won't break down (Corey
Jones). When my wife picks him up at the end
of the day, I'll remind her not to dance (Elijah
McClain), stop to play in a park (Tamir Rice),
patronize the local convenience store for snacks
(Trayvon Martin), or walk around the neighborhood
(Mike Brown). Once they are home, we won't stand
in our backyard (Stephon Clark), eat ice cream on
the couch (Botham Jean), or play any video games
(Atatiana Jefferson). After my wife and I tuck him
into bed around 7:30pm, neither of us will leave
the house to go to Walmart (John Crawford) or to
the gym (Tshyrand Oates) or on a jog (Ahmaud
Arbery). We won't even walk to see the birds
(Christian Cooper). We'll just sit and try not to
breathe (George Floyd) and not to sleep
(Breonna Taylor).

These are things white people simply do not
have to think about."

-David Gray


Anne Frank

"You're born with feeling, you'll die with
feeling. Feeling doesn't have to be learned.
Feeling is another universal language like
love, hate, jealousy--nobody has to learn
that. That's not cultural dependent. We
feel everywhere all the time. So when you
can reach someone with feeling, you can
play less techniques. Right? And you
end up playing more music.”
- Victor Wooten

Everyone deserves it

Harry Connick Jr. on singing standards on American Idol

I am not a robot

How Can we Be Sure

Support Oppression -- Do Nothing

From The Palestine Project



And ...

The Emperor

"Today’s card. If it has been revealed to you that
you have certain gifts, and those gifts have the
capacity to bring healing to the world, what will
it take for you to feel authorized to use what you’ve
been given? Ask yourself: What am I? What do I
know? & What am I capable of?” — J.D.


"ABC Tried to Bury This James Baldwin
Interview. Four Decades Later, It's Blisteringly Relevant"

Instant vs. Ozone vs. Real Mastering

True peace quote - Jane Addams

Don't go to those places


Conversation with a Native Son: Maya
Angelou and James Baldwin


Create value for stockholders

“Kid, the next time I say, “Let’s go someplace like
Bolivia, let’s go someplace like Bolivia." 

This is how I die

Comments and then the poem:
The Mockingbird 3:15
The Bird of Night 7:15
Bats 8:50
Next Day 12:06
Three Bills 19:02
Gleaning 21:23
In Montecito 24:36
The Lost World 27:49
Children’s Arms 33:04
A Night with Lions 46:51
A Street Off Sunset 52:10

Groucho  -- Outside a Dog


How to Master if You Are Not a Mastering Engineer


Saxophonist David Liebman
Master Class - 2/4/15 / NASHVILLE, TN

Letter to Mancini

ASCAP to Henry Mancini: “Under separate cover,
we are returning your music."

Marian Anderson

Stan Wood playing the Vibraband - a small
strip of latex rubber

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"Well known social experiment, give one player
twice as much money to start and ... when
passing go. Interviewing these players after
they have won, they usually say they won
because of how they played the game."


Black Lives Matter

Don't worry about it

Encyclopedia of Sandwiches



Ella Baker

Trayvon Martin – Ella Baker Poster by Ricardo
Levins Morales / "Civil rights leader Ella Baker’s
haunting words from 1964 still ring with relevance
in the time of Trayvon Martin.  Martin, 17 years old,
was killed by a vigilante in 2012 as he walked
home from a store."

Nixon excuses


Wake up America

Yuja Wang - Рiano recital [2016]: “A solo recital
of two of the most outstanding works from the
Germanic Romantic repertoire, Schumann’s
Kreisleriana and Beethoven’s Hammerklavier
Sonata, as well as Scarbo from French composer
Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit."

Reinvent yourself


"Lest We Forget: On this day in 1884 [November 14],
13 European nations shamelessly gathered in Berlin
to parcel out the African continent like famished
school children (on a school trip) haphazardly dividing
up a pizza. Great Britain was represented by Sir
Edward Malet (Ambassador to the German Empire).
The US, the emerging but reluctant superpower,
had a delegate - the explorer Henry Morton Stanley.
In utter disregard and with not a single iota of
conscience or concern for the culture or the families
of the continent, the map was redrawn and lands
claimed. What followed was the systematic scramble
and undoing of Africa. Resistance was met with the
brutal force of gunpowder. The Herero Massacre was
the first genocide of the 20th century: tens of
thousands of men, women and children were shot,
starved, and tortured to death by German troops as
they put down “rebellious” tribes in what is now Namibia.
Tens of thousands of defenseless women and children
were forced into the Kalahari desert, their wells poisoned
and food supplies cut." 

Eddie Harris from Cool Sax Warm Heart 

Poverty is not an accident

Play Your Own Stuff

Knowledge is power

ASCAP VS BMI | What No One Will Tell You
About ASCAP Royalties and BMI Music Royalties 2019

Stop Police Killings

How I saved lives


Nevertheless she persisted



Rumi quote

France is bacon

Better stop walking

Not a good listener

Map of the planet if you are fish


20 year old Charlie Parker in a Kansas City photo booth 1940

20 year old Charlie Parker in a
Kansas City photo booth [1940]

Bird dogging

Policy and Change

What'll I Be

Field Recording Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Keep Going

Db Major

Louis Armstrong

“In 1957, Louis Armstrong, in his hotel room in Grand
Forks, North Dakota, blew his top over the Little Rock
Central High School integration crisis, blasting Governor
Orval Faubus for being "two-faced" and President Dwight
Eisenhower for having "no guts" to let Faubus call in the
National Guard in to prevent black students from
integrating the high school. "The way they are treating
my people in the South, the government can go to hell,”
he vented. "It's getting so bad a colored man hasn't got
any country.” / Armstrong put his entire career on the
line to speak out against injustice as his September 17
North Dakota comments made headlines around the
world. However, a recently discovered private reel-
to-reel tape owned by Armstrong found the trumpeter
venting about Faubus and the Little Rock situation to
interviewers on September 8 and September 10. He
had spent over a week telling anyone who would listen
about the injustice going on in Little Rock but it wasn’t
until reporter Larry Lubenow of North Dakota ran with
Armstrong's September 17 comments that the story blew
up. / Armstrong received little support at the time,
instead getting more criticism from both the white and
black press….This is Armstrong's copy of a
Pittsburgh Courier story about his Little Rock
comments, containing some of his fiercest statements
on the subject.”

Survivorship Bias

The river

White Only

How Much of Your Life the US Has Been at War

Causes of Rape

reading mania

Art is Hard

Art is Hard: Mama Kokichi


[…often accompanied by the statement that this 
animated short won an Oscar; it did not.]

The winner of the Miss Atomic Bomb Pageant, 1950. Nuclear Tourism in Las Vegas

The winner of the Miss Atomic Bomb
Pageant, 1950. Nuclear Tourism in Las Vegas.

Nice people

Manifest Destiny

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Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales [no relation], available here

Monk, Mingus, Haynes, Parker

Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Roy Haynes
and Charlie Parker at the Open Door in New
York City, 1953. Photo by © Bob Parent                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Map of Procrastination

Your House Isn't on Fire

“Even the strap sounded good…"

Everyday sexism in Jazz


Theory and Practice


"montage que j'ai réalisé les images sont de
colin raff et la bande son aphex twin"

I'm sorry you can't afford to be alive

They were drunk

Steve Biko
Biko - I Write What I Like

Wendy Law: "Can You Hear the Difference
Between One Million Dollar & $5000
Cello? | Bach Cello Suite No. 1 I The Cello
start times are: $5k -1:20
$180k - 3:45 $1M - 6:05

Don't Rape

Joe Farnsworth Remembers the
Masters Series: Max Roach, King of Drums

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Mediocre Artists

TwoSetViolin: "How Violin Playing Has completely
changed in the Last 60 Years” 


Jazz Bum

Jimmy Carter

Paulo Friere quote

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan - Bacon, Banknotes, Benjamins

World is

Let's talk About Race - Chuck Buck

"Let's Talk About Race" by Chris Buck for O Magazine


Occam's Razor

Should I Make Art

"Legendary jazz bassist Ron Carter discusses his
career and the state of the music business with
ArtistsHouse's John Snyder at Loyola University,
New Orleans. He explains why he has an agent
but not a manager, why illegal music downloading
does not concern him, why independent releases
and small labels end up stealing as much money
from artists as the big labels do, why he has his
own publishing company, how he deals with
advances and royalty collections, what BMI and
ASCAP do, why he still wears a suit when he
performs, and much more."


"The Best Saxophone In the World?" Video response;
expert discussing truth of Selmer MK VI saxophone


This is the sign you've been looking for

Sonny page 1
Sonny page 2
Sonny page 3

Letter from Sonny Rollins to Coleman Hawkins [1962]

State of Humanity

Ceci n'est pas un gif


Peanuts 2

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty …"

Beverly Sills

Kevin Coval with Tips On Becoming The Best Artist
/ "Don't be whack. There is a lot of bad art in the
world so don't contribute to that heap of garbage."

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"I want to be the force which is truly for good." - John Coltrane in 1966,
as told Frank Kofsky

PAS Standard Drum Notation

Steve Snodgrass [fb]: "The graphic I made to help my
students memorize P.A.S. Standard Drum Notation"

Frankie Dunlop: Monk's Lesson on Slow vs Fast Playing


Dave Liebman: Historical Perspective

"Stealing my shit"

"Clarinet legend Eddie Daniels discusses his career and performs with
pianist Lee Musiker in this video. Eddie talks about his transformation
from first-call studio musician to world-renowned jazz clarinetist, his
teachers, and his way of practicing."

Something for nothing

Norris: “I'm sorry, sir. I make many mistakes" at 3:41 ["After speaking
with General Sternwood at his mansion, detective Philip Marlowe
meets his older daughter, Vivian Rutledge. First scene between
Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) and Vivian (Lauren Bacall), from
the beginning of The Big Sleep (Howard Hawks, 1946)"]

"Grammy-winning mix engineer Andy Scheps … willingly
shared his wisdom and unique insight on topics ranging
from audio education to the age-old analogue vs
digital debate."

Education ...

Music Revenues

In Modern Time — a Sonny Simmons
story by Robert Brewster [2003]

tick tock


Maybe... 2

Two arias from La Bohème, with José Carreras and
Teresa Stratas, act 1

An Army of Frogs

The Most Valuable Thing

Presidents who owned slaves

That Foreigner Wants Your Cookie

Lessons • Lessons • Lessons • Lessons • Lessons • Lessons 
Sun Ra - All Stars 1983 - October 29, Berlin, Germany, Philharmonie,
Jazztage 1983 Don Cherry, tp, voc / Lester Bowie, tp / Marshall Allen,
as, per / John Gilmore, ts, fl / Archie Shepp, ts, voc / Sun Ra, key
Richard Davis, b / Clifford Jarvis, dr / Philly Joe Jones, dr /
Famoudou Don Moye, per / 0 [00:00] Announcement
Michael Naura 1 [04:00] Happy Birthday / Stars That Shine
Darkly 2 [16:15] Title (DCh, tp - PhJJ, dr - duo)
3 [20:30] Somewhere Else 4 [28:55] Early Morning Blues
5 [38:10] Poinciana 

Liking Yourself

Note: “Music Business Worldwide noted that neither
Grainge nor Cooper cited a specific source for the
100,000-daily figure …"

"BAD Guitar Tones in Famous Songs / These
famous songs feature some truly 'bad' guitar tones"

Said quote on avoidance

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The Wetnurse - Julia Fullerton-Batten

"The Wetnurse" by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Steve Grossman

Steve Grossman Clinic

"This clinic was recorded when Steve Grossman came to
Berklee in 1985. Thanks to Nat Kline for this recording.”
Thanks to David Valdez for posting this online.


The Laughing Heart - Charles Bukowski - A Short Film /
Animation and Illustration: Bradley Bell Poem by: Charles Bukowski
Spoken by: Tom Waits Music: Grizzly Bear - Foreground Length: 01’45”
Produced at Chelsea College of Art 

[This video of Philip Uwell’s talk used to
be available to all … now it is password protected]

Philip Ewell [Hunter College CUNY] at Society for
Music Theory Plenary: “Music Theory’s White
Racial Frame” / Philip Ewell: "Music Theory’s
White Racial Frame
,” Music Theory Spectrum,
Volume 43, Issue 2, Fall 2021, Pages 324–329.
/ “Confronting Racism and Sexism in
American Music Theory
,” by Phil Ewell …. “I
wrote the following six blog posts after my
plenary talk, “Music Theory’s White Racial
Frame,” at the Society for Music Theory Annual
Meeting in November 2019. This talk was
based on a long article, “Music Theory and
the White Racial Frame,” that appeared in
Music Theory Online in June 2020. After the
talk I was awestruck by the reaction. Hundreds
of people from all over the world reached
out to thank me for raising the issues I did.
Subsequently I had many lengthy discussions
with senior colleagues in the field but, despite
stated good intentions, I realized that they
were actually uninterested in true antiracist
and antisexist structural change. These six
posts grew out of these discussions and the
work that I did prior to my talk. It is my hope
that they can instigate constructive dialog so
that we can begin to make real
antiracist/antisexist change in music theory.
It is best to read in order. Enjoy!"

Also see "Music education has a race
problem, and universities must address it
[Jacqueline Warwick, writing in The Conversation,
August 9, 2020] for 1] a discussion of Ewell’s
exploration of the ways "conventional analytical
strategies reinforce European classical music as
the most worthy of study,” and 2] the
intense response to his presentation. // For an 
introduction to the topic see the video below ⬇︎⬇︎

Spiegel im Spiegel for Cello and Piano (Arvo Pärt)

Let's Talk About Race - by Chuck Buck

"Let's Talk About Race" by Chris Buck for O Magazine

Rather be safe than brave

Playing the Nazi Card in the Third
Reich [Funk is a German public
broadcast service. English
subtitles are available.]

Lawrence Feldman on Woodwind Styles

All the balls are the same color!

5 Tricks To Get Your Sax (Instrument) On A Flight

Not enough feeling


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internet and facts

End White Supremacy

Drag shows and water fountains


Earth, Venus and Jupiter as seen from Mars NASA

The Earth, Venus, and Jupiter as
seen from Mars ~NASA

Sivuca and Putte Wickman - Swedish
broadcast from 1969. Musicians: Sivuca /
Severino (Sivuca) Dias de Oliveira -
accordion, guitar, James Phillips (doube
basso), Luizito Ferreira (drums),
Leopoldo Fleming (percussion). Guests:
Putte Wickman (clarinet) & Monica
Zetterlund (vocal). 

British Museum

Danse Macabre

 Everything you do is music, and everywhere
is the best seat.

John Cage

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Miking and Recording Woodwinds [Recording Magazine]
Miking Bass Clarinet [Michael Lowenstern]
Microphone Techniques [Shure, 2009]

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•  Clarinet Fingering Charts

•  Top 10+ Things that Beginner 
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Yes. You Can Play High Notes on
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•  Michael Lowenstern Videos
How to Sound like Eric Dolphy
(Green Dolphin Street

•  Walter Grabner: Bass
Clarinet advice

•  Michelle Anderson Video
Series: Clarinet Mentors


•  Sean Osborn Video Series:
10 Steps to a Great Clarinet Section


•  Buddy DeFranco Master Class
[1997 IAJE Conference in Chicago]

•  William Ridenour on Clarinet
and the Cult of Boutiqueism

•  Great New Orleans Clarinet
Players: click on the portraits and listen

•  Interesting thread re. jazz clarinet
players / older styles / doubling 

•  Internet Archive has digitized
26,000 78rpm records: free listening
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•  32 videos of Hal Willner’s ’80s
series ‘Night Music’ that display his
gift for weird, amazing collaborations

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•  Twenty-Five Great Jazz Baritone
Saxophone Peformances

•  Solo Transcriptions Page which
lists and links to 1780 solo transcriptions for sax,
flute, clarinet, and ewi

•  Sax solo transcriptions by
Charles McNeal

•  Scale Omnibus “is a 400-page ebook
that illustrates as many as 392 distinct scales and modes
from all over the world, transposed in all keys, with historical
notes and the list of chords over which each scale sounds
good. Probably the most complete book on this topic,
and it's totally free”

•  Jazz Handbook with lots of information
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•  List of Jazz contrafacts

•  Nathan Cole: My Chicago Symphony
job was not what I thought it would be. Be ready
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Art - DIY Musician Podcast

•  Making an Impact with
Cover Art - DIY Musician Podcast

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•  Top Ten Production Bad Habits
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Part 1 Part 2

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Placement Secrets; How to Setup Your
Studio / Critical Listening Room

•  Audio Cable Buying Guide

•  How You Can Get
Acoustics Right
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8 Crucial Things
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Before You
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1200 Years of Women
Composers: A Free 78-Hour
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Correct Speaker Placement 1

Home Studio: Correct speaker placement 1 ["The correct position
for your speakers should be 60 degrees apart at an equal distance
from the mix position.”]

Correct speaker Placement 2

Home Studio: Correct speaker placement 2 ["You should aim to
have the acoustic axis of the speaker (check your manual) at
ear height.”]

Clarinet Mouthpieces

Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart
[Note: all charts courtesy of Ellis Music]


Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Alto Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart /
A chart comparing even more alto sax mouthpieces
can be viewed/downloaded here


Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Baritone Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Clarinet Reeds

Saxophone Reeds Strength Chart

Clarinet Reeds Strength Chart

preview 1 2

Sax cases compatibility chart:

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“How a Bunny Sounds” — Kim Krans

 Promise me you’ll always remember:
you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.    
                Christopher Robin

Michael Levin with Wilfredo Rivera at American Rhythm Center

With Wilfredo Rivera at American Rhythm Center