9. Hasbara

Supporters of the Israeli denial of equality                                     
of rights for non-Jews, and of the Israeli ethnic
cleansing of non-Jews, engage in “public
relations” (hasbara― Hebrew: הסברה)
in an attempt to mask Israel’s horrific
violations of human rights. 

David Zonsheine in Bethlehem West Bank

David Zonsheine, Bethlehem, West Bank

The poet Gwendolyn Brooks wrote that poetry
is “life distilled.” Gabriel Ash explores the poetry
of hasbara in his ironically titled essay: “How
to Make the Case for Israel and Win.”   ML

The Truth, Not Hasbara

How to make the case for
Israel and win

Gabriel Ash

To the benefit of the many not-very-bright
Zionist wannabe apologists who read this 
blog assiduously, I decided to offer a clear
and simple method of arguing the case for
Israel. This clear and simple method has been
distilled from a life spent listening to and
reading Zionist propaganda. It is easy to follow
and results are guaranteed or your money back.

So don't hesitate! Take advantage NOW of
this revolutionary rhetorical system that will
make YOU a great apologist for Israel […].

Ready? 1..2..3..GO!

You need to understand just one principle:

The case for Israel is made of four propositions
that should always be presented in the correct
escalating order.

  1. We rock
  2. They suck
  3. You suck
  4. Everything sucks

That's it. Now you know everything that it took
me a lifetime to learn. The rest is details; filling
in the dotted lines.

You begin by saying how great Israel is. Israel
wants peace; Israel is the only democracy in the
Middle East; the desert blooms; kibutz; Israelis
invented antibiotics, the wheel, the E minor scale;
thanks to the occupation Palestinians no longer
live in caves; Israel liberates Arab women; Israel
has the most moral army in the world, etc.

This will win over 50% of your listeners immediately.
Don't worry about the factual content. This is about
brand identity, not writing a PhD. Do you really
think BP is 'beyond petroleum'?

Then you go into the second point: They suck.
Here you talk about the legal system of Saudi
Arabia, gay rights in Iran, slave trade in the Sudan,
Mohammad Atta, the burqa, Palestinians dancing
after 9/11, Arafat's facial hair, etc.

There is only one additional principle you need
to understand here. It will separate you from the
amateurs. You need to know your audience.
If you've got a crowd already disposed to racist
logic, go for it with everything you have. But if
you get a liberal crowd, you need to sugar coat
the racism a bit. Focus on women rights, human
rights, religious tolerance, "clash of civilizations,"
terrorism, they teach their children to hate, etc.
Deep down your audience WANTS to enjoy racism
and feel superior. They just need the proper
encouragement so they can keep their 
sophisticated self-image. Give them what they
crave and they'll adore you! But be careful not to
'mix n match,' because it will cost you credibility.

When you're done, there will always be
dead-enders insisting that abuse of gays in Iran
does not justify ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Take
a deep breath, and pull the doomsday weapon:

You suck!

You're a Jew-hater, Arab-lover, anti-Semite, you're
a pinko, a commie, a dreamer, a naive, a self-hater,
you have issues, your mother worked for the Nazis,
Prince Bandar buys you cookies, you forgot you were
responsible for the Holocaust, etc. The more the
merrier. By the time you end this barrage, only a
handful would be left standing. For mopping them up,
you use the ultimate postmodern wisdom:

Everything sucks.

War, genocide, racism, oppression are everywhere.
From the Roma in Italy to the Native-Americans in
the U.S., the weak are victimized. Why pick on
Israel? It's the way of the world. Look! Right is only
in question between equals in power; the strong do
what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
Ethics, schmethics. Life is a tale told by an idiot, full
of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Eat, drink!
Carpe diem! The Palestinians would throw us into the
sea if they could. Ha ha!

Trust me, that's as far as words can go. If you
followed this method faithfully, you've done your
work. You should leave the few who are still
unconvinced to the forces of order.

You are now ready to

apologize for Israel like a pro.

Gabriel Ash
Jews sans frontiers
July 18, 2008

[Text highlighted and edited by ML; "Stop
Hasbara" image created and added by ML]

Poster: You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

As the Jewish National Fund geared up for its
National Conference in September of 
2011, it
was hustling teens to attend a "Teen Leadership
Seminar" to be held as part of the conference.
The publicity for the Seminar seemed to cry out
for a bit of a rewrite; this is my [Michael Levin]
version of their poster, with thanks to 
"You've Got to Be Carefully Taught."
Both this poster, and the original poster upon
which it was based, can be viewed on

The Truth, Not Hasbara

How today's liberal Zionists echo 
apartheid South Africa's defenders
Rania Khalek

"While the majority of black South African leaders are
against disinvestment and boycotts, there are tiny factions
that support disinvestment — namely terrorist groups such
as the African National Congress,” libertarian economics
professor Walter Williams wrote in a 1983 New York
Times op-ed.

Williams’ claim was as absurd then as it appears in
hindsight, but his sentiment was far from rare on
the American and British right in the 1980s.

Yet today’s so-called progressive and liberal Zionists
employ precisely the same kinds of claims to counter
the growing movement, initiated by Palestinians
themselves, for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS)
on Israel.

Indeed, looking back, it is clear that Israel’s liberal
apologists are recycling nearly every argument once
used by conservatives against the BDS movement
that helped dismantle South Africa’s apartheid regime.

“Singling out”

In a 1989 op-ed for the Christian Science Monitor,
of South Africa lecturer Anne-Marie Kriek
scolded the divestment movement for singling out
her country’s racist government because, she wrote,
“the violation of human rights is the norm rather
than the exception in most of Africa’s 42
black-ruled states” (“South Africa Shouldn’t be
Singled Out,” 12 October 1989).

Kriek continued, “South Africa is the only country in
Sub-Saharan Africa that can feed itself. Blacks possess
one of the highest living standards in all of Africa,”
adding that nowhere on the continent did black Africans
have it so good. So, “Why is South Africa so harshly
condemned while completely different standards apply to
black Africa?” she asked.

Divestment opponents in the US provided similar
justifications. In 1986, for instance, Gregory Dohi, the
former editor-in-chief of the Salient, Harvard University’s
conservative campus publication, protested that those
calling for the university to divest from companies
doing business in South Africa were “selective in their
morality” (“I am full of joy to realize that I never had
anything to do with any divestment campaign …,”
Harvard Crimson, 4 April 1986).

Divestment was wrong not only because it would “harm”
black workers, Dohi claimed, but because it singled out
South Africa.

Déjà vu

Where have we heard these kinds of arguments before?

Arguing against BDS, The Nation’s Eric Alterman writes,
“The near-complete lack of democratic practices within
Israel’s neighbors in the Arab and Islamic world,
coupled with their lack of respect for the rights of
women, of gays, indeed, of dissidents of any kind —
make their protestations of Israel’s own democratic
shortcomings difficult to credit” (“A Forum on Boycott,
Divestment, Sanctions (BDS),” 3 May 2012).

Alterman’s only update to Kriek’s logic is his mention of
women’s and gay rights, a nod to The Nation readers’
liberal sensitivities.

Alterman’s sometime Nation colleague, reporter Ben Adler,
has also reprised Kriek’s and Dohi’s 1980s-style
arguments: “If you want to boycott Israel itself then you
need to explain why you’re not calling for a boycott of
other countries in the Middle East that oppress their own
citizens worse than Israel does anyone living within the
Green Line” (“The Problems With BDS,” 31 March 2012).

A scary brown majority

The late neoconservative war hawk, and long-time New
York Times columnist William Safire — who in 2002
insisted, “Iraqis, cheering their liberators, will lead the
Arab world toward 
democracy” — also sympathized
with white supremacist anxieties about the implications
of a single democratic South Africa.

One person, one vote “means majority rule, and
nonwhites are the overwhelming majority in South Africa,”
Safire wrote in a 1986 column. “That means an end to
white government as the Afrikaners have known it for
three centuries; that means the same kind of black
rule that exists elsewhere in Africa, and most white
South Africans would rather remain the oppressors
than become the oppressed” (“The Suzman Plan,”
7 August 1986).

Almost thirty years later, liberal Zionists exhibit the
same empathy with racists in their own hostility toward
the Palestinian right of return, which BDS unapologetically

Such a scenario would spell the end of Israel’s Jewish
majority, a horrifying prospect for ethno-religious
supremacists who, like whites in South Africa did,
fear the native population they rule.

Cary Nelson, a professor of English at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, well-known in academic
circles for his left-liberal activism, conveyed the same fears
in a recent anti-BDS tirade. He argued that “nothing in
decades of Middle East history suggests Jews would be
equal citizens in a state dominated by Arabs or
Palestinians” (“Why the ASA boycott is both disingenuous
and futile,” Al Jazeera America, 23 December 2013).

Nelson’s racism-induced panic is further distilled in a Wall
Street Journal op-ed, where he argues that the BDS
movement seeks “the elimination of Israel,” after which,
“those Jews not exiled or killed in the transition to an
Arab-dominated nation would live as second-class citizens
without fundamental rights” (“Another Anti-Israel Vote
Comes to Academia,” 8 January 2014).

Of course he wouldn’t put it this way, but Nelson fears, in
effect, that Palestinians might do to Jews what the Israeli
settler-colonial regime has done to Palestinians since
its inception.

Relying on puppets

Last December, Mahmoud Abbas, the autocratic puppet
leader of the Palestinian Authority, and chairman of the
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), declared his
opposition to BDS, leaving Israel and its apologists
predictably overjoyed.

In The New Republic, Leon Wieseltier chides pro-BDS
academics for speaking on behalf of Palestinians. “Who
is Abu Mazen [Abbas] to speak for the Palestinians,
compared with an associate professor of ethnic studies
at the University of California, San Diego?” he quipped
(“The Academic Boycott of Israel Is a Travesty,” 17
December 2013).

Jeffrey Goldberg is just as derisive, writing in his
Bloomberg column that the American Studies Association
— which voted to boycott Israeli institutions — “is more
Palestinian … than the chairman of the Palestine Liberation
Organization” (“Some Lessons in Effective Scapegoating,”
16 December 2013).

These and other liberal Zionists insist that the Israeli
- and US-approved Abbas is the only authentic
of Palestinian sentiment. They ignore
the overwhelming support for boycotting Israel
among the Palestinian people.

But for many Palestinians, an apt comparison for Abbas is
Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the black leader of the
Inkatha Freedom Party.

Buthelezi was often denounced by black South Africans as
a collaborator with the white apartheid regime and lauded
by British and American conservative opponents of
sanctions as the true voice of black South Africa.

In a 1985 address to representatives from US companies
operating in South Africa, Buthelezi insisted that the
majority of South African blacks firmly opposed
sanctions because they would “condemn a great
many millions and a whole new generation to
continue living in appalling slum conditions.”

In 1990, Buthelezi came out against an ANC-led campaign
mass civil disobedience — marches, boycotts and
strikes — throwing his weight instead behind
“cooperation” and“negotiation” with the white regime.

This offers a striking parallel to the present-day Palestinian
Authority which continues to give legitimacy to the endless
“peace process” while suppressing direct action against
the occupation.

Buthelezi was only the most prominent of a handful of
black apologists and collaborators with the apartheid
regime. Others included Lucas Mangope, puppet
leader of the Bophuthatswana 
bantustan who also
fiercely opposed sanctions that would isolate his
white supremacist paymasters.

Mangope cringed at the idea of a one-person, one-vote
system in South Africa and spent the last days of apartheid
desperately clinging to power over his “independent” island
of repression.

Yet it wasn’t uncommon for US media outlets — including
The New York Times — to label Mangope, and others like
him, “moderate” black leaders.

Israel, it seems, has taken its cues directly from the
playbook, cultivating a small circle of
Palestinian elites willing to maintain the occupation
in exchange for power and comfort.

And liberal Zionists are more than happy to bolster the
ruse by 
using these comprised figures’ words against
Palestinians who still insist on their rights.

Think of the workers

When Mobil Corporation was forced to shut down its
operations in South Africa in 1989 due to what it
called “very foolish” US sanctions laws, its chief
executive, Allen Murray, feigned concern 
for the
impact on black workers.

“We continue to believe that our presence and our
actions have 
contributed greatly to economic and
social progress for nonwhites in South Africa,” the
oil executive declared (“Mobil Is Quitting South
Africa, Blaming ‘Foolish’ Laws in US,” The New York
Times, 29 April 1989).

Before finally giving in to boycott pressures, Citibank
also justified its refusal to divest by citing its obligation
to the South Africans 
it employed.

Last month, SodaStream chief executive Daniel Birnbaum
this transparent posturing when he defended the
location of his company’s main production facility in the
illegal Israeli settlement of Maaleh Adumim.

The only thing keeping him from moving the factory,
Birnbaum claims, is his loyalty to some 500
Palestinian SodaStream employees. “We will not
throw our employees under the bus to promote
anyone’s political agenda,” he told The Jewish Daily
Forward (“SodaStream Boss Admits West Bank Plant
Is ‘a Pain’ — Praises Scarlett Johansson,” 28
January 2014).

“Constructive engagement” again?

Scarlett Johansson, the Hollywood actress who resigned
her humanitarian ambassador role with the
anti-poverty organization Oxfam in order to pursue her
role as global brand ambassador for SodaStream,
applauded the company for “supporting neighbors
working alongside each other, receiving equal pay,
equal benefits and equal rights.”

Such appeals for cooperation with an oppressive status
quo in the face of growing support for BDS mirror
President Ronald Reagan’s insistence on “constructive
engagement” with apartheid South Africa.

While asserting in 1986 that “time is running out for
the moderates of all races in South Africa,” Reagan
opposed sanctions that could foster change. Today,
supporters of the endless Israeli-Palestinian “peace
process” also regularly insist that “time is running out,”
while fiercely opposing BDS.

Reagan praised his British counterpart Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher for having “denounced punitive
sanctions as immoral and utterly repugnant.” Why?
Because “the primary victims of an economic boycott
of South Africa would be the very people we seek to
help,” the president argued (“Transcript of Talk by
Reagan on South Africa and Apartheid,” The New York
Times, 23 July 1986).

The Reagan administration even funded a survey of
black South African workers to prove they loved working
for benevolent American corporations and adamantly
opposed divestment, never mind the fact that advocating
for sanctions under apartheid was a severely
punishable offense.

Fast forward to 2014 and Jane Eisner, editor of the
liberal Jewish Daily Forward publicly hails SodaStream
as the solution to the conflict, using her newspaper to
portray Palestinian workers as grateful to be employed
by the settlement profiteer, sentiments they expressed
while being interviewed under the watchful eyes of their

Taking racism a step further

Today, twenty-first century liberals and progressives who
are ideologically invested in Zionism have embraced the
rationales of racist right-wingers from a bygone era.

What’s more, liberal Zionists have taken the racism a step
further than Reagan and Thatcher ever dared to go with
South Africa.

Although they opposed sanctions, Reagan and Thatcher
regularly denounced apartheid as an unjust system that
needed to be dismantled.

Israel’s apologists, by contrast, firmly support the
maintenance of Israel’s discrimination against Palestinians
with their insistence that the country remain a “Jewish state”
and their continued denial of the Palestinian right of return.

Rania Khalek
Electronic Intifada
February 13, 2014

The Truth, Not Hasbara

How to fight the Israel-Apartheid
analogy in four easy steps – a guide
for useful Hasbara idiots


Ran Greenstein

Step one: But they have the vote

Start with fragmentation. When talking about Israel refer to
a mythical state that existed between November 1966 and
June 1967, the only period during which the majority of
Palestinians living under Israeli control were NOT subject
to military rule. Focus on the fact that Palestinians who
became Israeli citizens have the right to vote. Not quite a
right to vote for any party of their choice (various radical
lists were disqualified over the years) but still, a right to
participate in the elections.

In the process, ignore the 80% of the original inhabitants
of the territories that became part of Israel in 1948, who
have been physically excluded from exercising any civil
and political rights in their homeland. Ignore all those who
live under military occupation in the 1967 territories, with
no right to vote in Israel and no say in the way their
territories are governed by Israel (their own government
has no power over land, water, roads, housing,
development, population registration, and virtually
everything else that is relevant to their lives).

Go back to those citizens (about 15% of all Palestinians)
and assert how fortunate they are. Do not bother to read,
convey, and consider their own feelings, words,
analyses, politics. They 
have a very different opinion on
the applicability of the notion of apartheid to their own
situation, but why listen? Who is better qualified to
speak on their behalf than you?

Step two: But they started it

If you really have to, talk about the refugees (remember
those 80% mentioned above, who have been excluded
from any presence in Israel?). They have themselves
to blame for their situation. They started the war in
1948 and suffered the consequences, so what do
they want from you now?

In the process avoid paying attention to inconvenient facts:
that long before the 1948 war, all Palestinians residing on
land bought by 
official Jewish agencies had to leave their
homes. That no tenants living on land owned by official
Zionist agencies were allowed to stay (not even on a small
part of their land) once the land transaction was
completed. That well before 1948, dozens of towns and
hundreds of rural settlements were established by and for
Jewish immigrants, and that not a single one of them
allowed Palestinians to reside within their boundaries,
or even find employment within them, let alone become
full members of the community.

In other words, ignore the ever-expanding zone of
exclusion that was created by the Zionist movement
and its settlement agencies since the beginning of
the 20th century, from which all Palestinians were
barred. Pretend the whole thing started in 1948,
and they were 
responsible for it. Ignore the
Palestinian refugees, all of whom, regardless
of their personal involvement in military affairs
and political intentions, were equally barred
from returning to Israel after 1948. If you also
manage to ‘forget’ the massive evidence of
ethnic cleansing that took place during that
war, so much the better.

And remember: there are two important tasks to
be performed here: erase all traces of the
exclusion of the majority of Palestinians
from their land (if they are not there, by
definition they cannot be subject to apartheid),
and pre-emptively deny any subsequent claims
(if they lost their citizenship they cannot make
any claim to voting and other rights).

Step three: But we are not alone

As a fallback option, admit that the situation is
not perfect, but you are not the only one
practicing some form of discrimination
or exclusion. If everyone practices apartheid,
then the specific accusation against Israel is no
longer meaningful. Use whatever examples can
bolster your case: Kurds in Turkey, Basques in
Tibetans in China (and for the more
advanced, Saharawis in Morocco), allow you to
turn the tables against critics: why do they not
protest first against all these other oppressive
regimes? The answer may be that these are
indeed situations in which minority groups are
denied their right to independence. Yet, they
are granted equality and the possibility of full
assimilation if they so desire. Palestinians, in
contrast, have neither independence nor the
option of assimilation and equality, but why
worry about such petty nuances?

Try another tack: what about the
immigrants in
Europe, subject to various restrictions on
immigration, jobs, residence and political
rights? Of course, they are immigrants
rejected by the indigenous majority in
foreign countries, while Palestinians are
indigenous people denied rights in their own
homeland by recently-arrived immigrants,
but so what?

Or, take the legal precedent route: invoke the
right of states to give preferential treatment
to their ‘ethnic kin’ in the diaspora, recognised
by many European countries. But, do not stop to
consider that the very definition of Israel as a
state of the Jewish people (but not of its
indigenous Palestinians) is the source of the
conflict. And that in no European country do
the rights of ethnic kin come at the expense of
the indigenous ethnic groups that do not form
part of the ‘kin’.

Invoke other cases where ethnic and religious
symbols are employed by European states, in
their flag, anthem, crest and so on. That these
states (UK, Greece, Sweden and others) offer
all their citizens equal rights, regardless of
their ethnic or religious origins, and that none
of them allows differential access to resources
based on ethnic or religious identity is best left
out of the discussion. Rather, raise the problem
that Jews and Muslims cannot become UK
monarchs, never mind that 99.9% of Anglicans,
who are not of royal stock, are equally deprived
of that privilege.

Brutal honesty is another useful strategy,
especially when you can go back to the classics:
the Turks did it to the Greeks, and the Greeks
did it to the Turks. The Indians did it to the
and the Pakistanis to the Hindus, the
Czechs and the Poles to the Germans, and the
Germans, before them, to everybody else. And
keep up to date: the Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians
have done it to each other. And, you have not
even mentioned yet the great massacres and
millions of deaths from enslavement, forced
labour, dislocation, and diseases, which
afflicted colonized populations in Africa and
the Americas. Why single Israel out, then? Why
are Israelis the only ones who have to meet
the charges of apartheid?

In those cases above (Turkey-Greece,
India-Pakistan, and so on), only a few percent
of the respective populations were affected,
while in 1948 Palestine 60% of the original
indigenous population (of the entire country)
became refugees; in those cases above, the 
of the respective population remained rooted in
their own territories, and retained their
independence, while in the case of 1948
Palestine the entire society was dislocated and
lost its ability to rule itself. But these are mere
technicalities, so avoid them at will.

More importantly, in all those cases, the acts of
eviction, expulsion, dislocation,
confiscation, were once-off events, even if their
impact was of a long duration. Historical tragedies
and great injustices they were indeed, no doubt,
but life gradually returned to normal after that.
Not so in Israel/Palestine: the government,
parliament, political parties, military authorities,
construction companies, various religious and
social movements, and media organisations,
continue relentlessly to re-enact the historical
dispossession on a regular basis. It is not just the
Nakba of 1948 that matters: an ongoing
onslaught on Palestinians’ land, rights and
demographic presence is the central issue in
Israeli politics today (and has been for decades
though not always with the same intensity).
Literally, not a day passes without a new initiative,
bill, law, regulation, and campaign to restrict,
marginalise, exclude, silence and oppress
Palestinians and any others (including Jews)
who try to defend them and what remains of
Israeli democracy.

But we digress. All this can be easily
explained away by the ultimate 

Step four: But we need security

And if all else fails, invoke the magic word,
security. You are only 
in it for security. All
you care about is survival. You build a security
fence (on and through other people’s land),
you have security settlements (on other
people’s property), you strive to secure your
existence, your boundaries, your
demographic balance, your power, your rights.

You maintain the occupation because of
security fears (even if you were far more secure
before it), you neither annex the 
territories (because their residents would
endanger your security) nor do you leave them
(because to do so would constitute a threat to
your security), you establish settlements because
of security reasons (even if most settlers openly
deny that), you let Jews move freely in and out
of the country and burden Palestinians with
dozens of laws, hundreds of road blocks,
thousands of military regulations, all because
of security. You maintain a dual legal system
(due to security), different roads (for security
reasons), differential access to land and water
(needless to say why), and different education
systems (the s-word is responsible again).
What does all that have to do with apartheid?

Ran Greenstein
[Associate Professor in the Department
of Sociology at the University of the
Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa]
Israeli Occupation Archive
November 20, 2011

On “Pinkwashing”:                                                                                          

Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back

“Pinkwashing" is a term activists have coined
for when countries engaged in terrible human
rights violations promote themselves as
"gay friendly" to improve their public image.
Israel is the country most famous for this
strategy, having initiated it as part of a
rebranding campaign that it has been engaged
in for the last decade. In 2012, activists in
the Pacific Northwestern region of the US
responded to an Israeli Consulate-funded
pinkwashing tour featuring Israeli gay and
lesbian activists that were coming to the
region. Local queer Palestine solidarity
activists exposed the "Rainbow Generations" tour as
pro-Israel propaganda and got some of the
events, including the tour's centerpiece event
hosted by the City of Seattle's LGBT Commission,
cancelled. A significant backlash ensued involving
the Seattle City Council and Seattle's leading LGBT
and HIV organizations. Through the inspiring
story of these activists' victory, Pinkwashing
Exposed explores how pinkwashing works and
what local activists are doing to fight back.”

Schulman, Sara. “Israel and Pinkwashing,’” New York Times,
November 22, 2011.  [Note: “A more detailed documentary history
of Brand Israel, Israel’s campaign to re-brand itself in the
minds of the world, as well as the development of
pinkwashing as a funded, explicit and deliberate marketing
project within Brand Israel, also written by Sara Schulman,”
is available here: "A documentary guide to ‘Brand Israel’
and the art of pinkwashing
,” Mondoweiss, November
30, 2011.

The Queer Shadow Gallery Collective. "Que(e)rying the
Israel-linked GayMiddleEast.com: a statement by
Arab queers
,” June 23, 2011.

Letson, Robyn. "Coming Out ?Against Apartheid:
A Roundtable about Queer Solidarity with Palestine,”
Upping the Anti, #11, 2011. 

Alpert, Rebecca and Katherine Franke. "Boycotting Equality
Forum’s Israeli Sponsorship,” Tikkun, May 10, 2012.

Kouri-Towe, Natalie. "Trending Homonationalism,”
NoMorePotlucks.com. 2012. [Excerpt: Homonationalism
functions in complementary ways to Edward Said’s
concept of Orientalism, which describes how the
West produces knowledge and dominates ‘the
Orient’ through academic, cultural and discursive
processes. Like Orientalism, homonationalism
speaks to the ways Western powers (such as the
U.S. and Canada) circulate ideas about other
cultures (like Arab and Islamic cultures) in order
to produce the West as culturally, morally, and
politically advanced and superior. However,
unlike Orientalism, homonationalism speaks
particularly to the way gender and sexual rights
discourses become central to contemporary
forms of Western hegemony.”]

Silverstein, Richard. "U.S. Gay Rights Activists: Stop
Pinkwashing Palestinian Suffering!
” Tikun Olam, June 7, 2012.

Doherty, Benjamin. "Reviving Pinkwashing and Zionist fantasies
of violence against queers and transgender people,”
Electtronic Intifada, February 27, 2013.

Meronek, Toshio. "Exposing Israel’s ‘Pinkwashing’,”
Common Dreams, June 23, 2014. [Originally published
by Waging Nonviolence]

Abunimah, Ali. "AP finds new ways to smear Palestinians
over same-sex rights
,” Electronic Intifada, July 30, 2015.
[Excerpt: "Earlier this month, after being contacted by
The Electronic Intifada, the Associated Press retracted
the false claim that same-sex sexual relations are illegal
under Palestinian law. No longer able to disseminate this
fabrication, AP has seemingly come up with new tactics
to smear Palestinians and put a positive gloss on

#CancelPinkwashing. "Post Creating Change — A
response from #CancelPinkwashing
,” January 27, 2016.

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Israel, May 27, 2016. [Includes six videos.] 

Barrows-Friedman, Nora. Israel’s first trans officer helps with ethnic
,” Electronic Intifada, April 12, 2017. [Excerpt: “Queer
and transgender activists protested an event featuring an Israeli
soldier in Seattle on 5 April. The event was supported by the
LGBTQ Commission, a body that advises city leaders on lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Two commissioners
resigned in protest just days earlier, criticizing the group’s
participation as an act of pinkwashing. Pinkwashing is a
public relations strategy that deploys Israel’s supposed
enlightenment toward LGBTQ issues to deflect criticism
from its human rights abuses and war crimes and as a
means to build up support for Israel among Western
liberals and progressives.

Barrows-Friedman, Nora. Artists ditch Israel’s
pinkwashing film festival
,” Electronic Intifada, June 1, 2017.

Ginsburg, Mitch. “Army’s ‘gay soldiers’ photo was staged,
is misleading
: Male soldiers holding hands in IDF’s viral
photograph are not a couple, only one is gay, and they
both serve in spokesman’s unit,” Times of Israel,
June 12, 2012.

Abunimah, Ali. "Chicago Dyke March accuser A Wider
Bridge has record of fabrications,” Electronic Intifada,
June 26, 2017.

Marom, Yael. LGBTQ Israelis come out against occupation
and homophobia
: In response to online homophobic
attacks, over 50 LGBTQ left-wing activists and NGO workers
in Israel-Palestine release a statement condemning the
occupation, racism and pinkwashing,” +972, June 5, 2017.

Wise, Rabbi Alissa. JVP: Reactions To Our Parade Protest
Were ‘Cruel,’ ‘Homophobic,’ and ‘Hyperbolic
,’ The Forward
[Scribe], June 7, 2017. [Excerpt: "To be absolutely clear:
JVPers did not target vulnerable youth; they targeted a
jingoistic, nationalist parade to defend and celebrate a
state that denies equal rights for all its citizens, brutally
controls Palestinian life and land and fits the international
definition of an apartheid state. / Yesterday, the 50th year
to the day of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza,
and East Jerusalem, the JVP staff began our weekly staff
meeting by asking each other to answer a simple yet
difficult question: “Why is the Israeli occupation still
ongoing?” The discussion that followed was profound,
particularly in the wake of the backlash from our actions.
Reflecting on the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr., the answer that emerged for me was not Donald
Trump or Netanyahu. It was the moderates in the
Jewish community.”]

Maikey, Haneen. “Why We Should Boycott Gay Pride
in Tel Aviv
,” Newsweek, June 9, 2017.

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural
Boycott of Israel (PACBI). 
Surge in Support for Boycott
of Israeli LGBT Film Festival Shows Growing Respect for
Palestinian Picket Line: Fourteen filmmakers and other
artists declared their support for boycotting Israeli
government sponsored TLVFest
,”  BDSmovement.net,
June 9, 2017.

Fox, Anna. "I’m a queer Jewish student. Is my acceptance
in organized Jewish communities conditional?
” Jewschool,
June 14, 2017. [Excerpt: “Jewish institutional support for
queer Jews is conditional on their adherence to the
partyline on Israel-Palestine.”]

pinkwatcher. "Campaigners complain to IGLTA [International
Gay and Lesbian Travel Association] about complicity of
Israeli travel agencies
,” Pinkwatching Israel, June 19, 2017.

pinkwatcher. "On Race, Palestine, and “Dividing the Gay
” Pinkwatching Israel, October 21, 2011.
[Excerpt: "But what is happening now is nothing new.
Every social movement has at some point been fractured
along the lines of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and
ours is no exception. The second wave of feminist organizing
in the US excluded lesbians, transfolk, and marginalized
the voices of women of color. The critique leveled at the
movement at the time by people of color such as bell
hooks and Audre Lorde was its assumption of
homogeneity, of having priorities and discourses
defined and set by those in positions of privilege
but who claimed to speak for all. The exact same
thing is happening now in the LGBT movement
on a global scale. We would do well to learn
from this history.”]

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Down Chicago Pride Parade
," radfag.com, June 25, 2017.

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‘Dyke March’ prove pro-Israel lobby will torch LGBT
rights for marginalized people
,” Mondoweiss, July 4, 2017.

Marom, Yael. "No more waiting: LGBTQ Israelis
must take the rights they deserve
: The Israeli
government doesn’t believe LGBTQ Israelis should
be able to adopt children, yet continues to tell the
world what a wonderful place Israel for the queer
community,” +972, July 18, 2017. [Excerpt: "The time
has come to understand that between the
Nation-State Law, attacks on the “left-wing media,”
and Netanyahu’s corruption scandals, the LGBTQ
community is one of the last remaining fig leafs
propping up the deceitful image of Israel as a
Western, liberal country. The community has
great deal of power, and it’s time to stop playing nice.”]

Abunimah, Ali. "Video: Israeli pinkwashing protested
at Berlin pride parade,” Electronic Intifada, July 25, 2017.
[Excerpt: "Pinkwashing is the public relations strategy
that deploys Israel’s supposed enlightenment toward
LGBTQ issues to deflect criticism from its human
rights abuses. 
It often involves gross exaggerations
of Israel’s progressive policies, accompanied by outright
lies about Palestinians.

Elia, Nada. "Don't try to stop us from denouncing Israel’s
. Criticising the Israeli propaganda tactic
does not get in the way of activism against society’s
many other oppressive systems,” Middle East Eye,
April 19, 2018. [Excerpt: "Israeli snipers with orders
to shoot anyone who approaches the illegal “border”
do not stop to inquire about their target's gender
identity before pulling the trigger.”]

Marom, Yael. "LGBTQ activists block Tel Aviv Pride
March: 'There is no pride in occupation’
activists were protesting what they called the Israeli
government’s cynical exploitation of the LGBTQ
community to appear liberal and progressive and
cover up its violation of Palestinians’ human rights
in Gaza and the West Bank," +972, June 8, 2018.

Abunimah, Ali. "LGBTQ filmmakers refuse to let Israel
use them to pinkwash its crimes
Electronic Intifada,
June 8, 2018.

Shezaf, Hagar, and Jonathan Jacobson. Revealed:
Israel's Cyber-spy Industry Helps World Dictators
Hunt Dissidents and Gays
Haaretz investigation
spanning 100 sources in 15 countries reveals Israel
has become a leading exporter of tools for spying on
civilians. Dictators around the world – even in countries
with no formal ties to Israel – use them eavesdrop on
human rights activists, monitor emails, hack into apps
and record conversations, Haaretz, October 19, 2018. 

Schulman, Sarah. "How the BDS movement convinced
‘Transparent’ creator Jill Soloway to shoot in L.A.
instead of Israel
,” Mondoweiss, October 20, 2018.

Hylton, Riri. "LGBTQ groups call for Eurovision boycott,”
Electronic Intifada, February 1, 2019. [Excerpt: “The
organization alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity
in Palestinian Society contends that Israel is engaged
in pinkwashing – the cynical use of LGBTQ rights by
states and corporations to downplay their negative
Haneen Maikey, director of alQaws, said
that “Israel is using Eurovision as pop culture
diplomacy” and is seeking to “exploit” the
competition’s LGBTQ fans. Maikey alleged that
Israel was “feigning support for gay rights while
it incarcerates millions of indigenous Palestinians
in bantustans.”]

Extreme(ly Queer) Muslims Episode 3: Izzaddine talks Islam, Palestine, and Pinkwashing [6/19/17]

Homophobia and Pinkwashing: Part 9 of "The Bullet, The Ballot & The Boycott" by David Sheen
[at Emory University 12/12/15]

SHEFITA - Pink [Aerosmith cover] - Tel Aviv Official Pinkwash 2016   "Contrary to popular belief,
there's nothing fashionable about the occupation, so please, stop pinkwashing it!"

Ali Abunimah, co-founder of electronicintifada.net, discusses David Sheen's reporting on Israel's
treatment of African refugees, in a short segment from his lecture "Pinkwash, Greenwash,
.” [2013]

"What is Queer BDS? Pinkwashing, Intersections,Struggles, Politics" (Angela Davis) [2012]

"In the past few years the Israeli government and its supporters have been actively
promoting the country as the only nation in the Middle East to support lesbian and
gay rights, and advertising their beaches to the gay community as an ideal vacation
spot. Across the west lesbians and gays have adamantly rejected this campaign on
the grounds that the Israeli government is using gay and lesbian issues, and gays
and lesbians themselves, to cover up or "pinkwash" their actions, deemed “criminal"
by the United Nations, against Palestinians. In this talk, historian Elise Chenier offers
an overview of the history of queer politics in the west to put the current movement
of queers against Israeli apartheid in context.” [2014]


Image by Micah Bizant. Micah is "a trans visual artist who works with
social justice movements to reimagine the world.”

"No to Eurovision Pinkwashing. More Than 60 LGBTQ+ Groups Call
for Boycott of Song Contest in Israel
. Queer and trans liberation
organizations from nearly 20 countries across Europe and
beyond are calling on global LGBTQIA communities to take
a stand for Palestinian human rights and boycott the 2019
Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.” [PinkwatchingIsrael.com,


Izzy Mustafa is "a Brooklyn-based Palestinian transgender man who
grew up in the Diaspora."

The Truth, Not Hasbara

On “Greenwashing":

From IsraeliLaundry.org

Abunimah, Ali. "Activists burst occupation profiteer
SodaStream’s “feel-good” bubble
,” Electronic
Intifada, November 20, 2013. [Also see Amena
Saleem, "
Israel steps up SodaStream marketing
in attempt to greenwash Israeli settlement crimes
Electronic Intidada, February 3, 2013.]

Abunimah, Ali. "Israel wants to protect environment
as it massacres Gaza marchers
,” Electronic Intifada,
April 5, 2018. [Excerpt: "Israel is trying to present
itself as environmentally friendly as it prepares
once again to massacre civilian marchers in the
occupied Gaza Strip. Its propaganda is all the
more cynical, given the environmental catastrophe
its decade-long siege has imposed on the two
million Palestinians in the coastal enclave.”]

Abunimah, Ali. "New “Green Israel” ads on CNN
greenwash sewage of occupation and aparthei
Electronic Intifada, June 22, 2012.

Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine. “Greenwashing
Israel: Water Firms in California
,” June 6, 2016.

B’Tselem. "Olive harvest, 2018: Israeli settlers injure
Palestinian farmers, harm trees and steal olives
December 6, 2018.

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equally on all
,” Electronic Intifada, May 6, 2017.

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle
East (CJPME), “Factsheet," August, 2018.
[Downloadable fact sheet. “This
factsheet discusses how the Israeli government
uses "greenwashing" by pretending to be
environmentally-friendly in order to deflect
attention from its human rights abuses
against Palestinians.]

Chhaya, Meeraj. "Greenwashing the Naqab,”
The Nakba Files, November 19, 2018. [“…
based on two reports published by Who Profits
Research Center
in February 2017
entitled, “Greenwashing the Occupation: The
Solar Energy Industry and the Israeli Occupation

and “Greenwashing the Naqab: The Israeli Industry
of Solar Energy
”. Who Profits is a research center
dedicated to exposing the role of the private sector
in the Israeli occupation economy."]

Cook. Jonathan. "Israel greenwashing the “war on terror,”
Electronic Intifada, March 30, 2010.

Cooper, Therezia. "SodaStream: Greenwashing the
Israeli occupation
,” Palestine Monitor, October 3, 2012.

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co-opting vegetarianism in its 'moral' army of
,” TheNewArab, September 19, 2017.

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MIFTAH, February 1, 2012.

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The role of environmental governance and the
discourse of sustainability in sustaining the Israeli
occupation of Palestine
,” paper presented to
American Association of Geographers Annual
Meeting, April 10, 2018.

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.
"Greenwashing Apartheid: Stop the JNF" /
The Jewish National Fund’s Environmental
 E-Book V. 4, May 15, 2011.
Downloadable pdf. [Contributing authors include
Salman Abu-Sitta, Corey Balsam, Jesse Benjamin,
Max Blumenthal, Judy Deutsch, Coya White
Hat-Artichoker, Sara Kershnar, Joel Kovel,
Mich Levy, Akram Salhab, Eurig Scandrett,
David Schwartzman, 
Ismail Zayid]  

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,” IsraeliLaundry.org,
November 23, 2011. 

Jewish Voice for Peace. “Greenwashing,”
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the struggle for Palestinian water rights
Mondoweiss, March 22, 2014.

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trees; the greenwashing of Israel’s apartheid,”
Earth to Earth, July 17, 2012. [Originally
posted to International Journal of Socialist Renewal.]

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weed killers near Gaza border, burn
Palestinian crops
,” January 24, 2017.

Middle East Monitor. "Israel turns West
Bank into toxic waste dump,” August
18, 2018. ["
According to Palestinian
experts, Israeli disposal of its wastes is
a clear violation of international laws
related to environmental protection.
Speaking to Anadolu, head of the
Palestinian Environment Authority
Adala Al-Atira said: “There are 98
Israeli landfills across the occupied
West Bank.” This is in addition to the
scores of landfill sites which are used
by the illegal settlements but have not
been officially recognised or allocated.”]

Middle East Monitor. "Israel settlers dump
sewage on Palestinian school in Qalqiliya
November 2, 2018. [Also see Middle East
Monitor, "
Israel settlers flood Palestinian
farmland with sewage
,” May 9, 2018.]

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“peace” film detached from Palestine’s
,” Electronic Intifada, April 17, 2014.

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Palestinian crops face destruction by Israeli
. Palestinians farmers are left without
a source of income as settlers destroy crops
just months before harvest,” Middle East Eye,
May 27, 2018.

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at the People’s Climate March
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Development. “The Beseiged Palestinian
Agricultureal Sector,” 2015. [Forty five
page report downloadable here.]

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Earth Day coalition drops SodaStream over
complicity in Israeli occupation
Mondoweiss, April 22, 2014.

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Apartheid Showing Through the Greenwash
Mondoweiss, April 24, 2010.

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Energy Industry and the Israeli Occupation
,” January,
2017. [Downloadable eighty page pdf]

Winstanley, Asa. "Greenwashing: Israel’s latest
colonial tool against Syria
,” Middle East Monitor,
November 30, 2016.

Israeli Greenwashing FAQ v02 Page 1

Israeli Greenwashing FAQ v02 Page 2

The Truth, Not Hasbara

On “Disabilitywashing”:

"Disability occurs in all walks of life. Disability justice cannot
be separated from the rights of all people: Food, Water,
Medicine, Shelter, Breath, Sleep, Self-Determination.
Thousands of Palestinians have become permanently
disabled in the recent attacks on Gaza. We are not
burdens. We are beautiful. Because we are survivors.
The targeting of hospitals, ambulances, and rehabilitation
facilities are attacks on disabled people. Disability justice
means resisting together. From solitary cells to open air
prisons. We will be liberated as whole beings. We are far
greater whole than partitioned. To Exist is to Resist.
FREE PALESTINE.” — Sins Invalid 

Abunimah, Ali. "Video: Settlers cheer as Israeli
soldiers attack disabled Palestinian child
Electronic Intifada, October 21, 2014. [“This
disturbing footage shot by Palestinian
videographer Samih Da’na and published
by the Israeli nongovernmental organization
B’Tselem documents the violent abuse of a
developmentally disabled Palestinian child.”]

Abusalama, Shahd. "Disabled Palestinians call
for solidarity with Khader Adnan from Gandhi’s
grandchildren and world
,” Electronic Intifada,
February 16, 2012.

Agre, Deborah. "What is mental health when
trauma is ongoing?
” Middle East Children’s
Alliance, January 22, 2019.

Al Ghussain, Alia. "No access to education for
Bedouin children with disabilities
,” Electronic
Intifada, February 17, 2016.

Alhaj, Mohammad. "The intifada’s lasting
,” Electronic Intifada, July 6, 2015.

Al-Jadir, Raya. "Mohamed Dalo and the art of
living with disability in Gaza
,” The New Arab,
February 22, 2018. [Excerpt: "Living in Gaza
is a real struggle for anyone - but if you are
disabled then it is an entirely different matter;
Palestinians have been suffering under the
occupation for more than 65 years, and people
with disability suffer the same fate of not knowing
or interacting with other countries, so they are
unaware of the opportunities and facilities that
are available for people with special needs, or
even what they want or need.”]

Ashly, Jaclyn. "How Israel is disabling Palestinian
Survivors of Israeli live fire speak about
Israel's 'kneecapping' practice of shooting youth
in their lower limbs," Al Jazeera, September 21, 2017.

Barrows-Friedman, Nora. "Israeli captain: “I will
make you all disabled
,” Electronic Intifada,
September 1, 2016.

Blumenthal, Max. "Evidence Emerges of Israeli
“Shoot To Cripple” Policy In the Occupied West
: Israeli soliders use live fire and expanding
bullets to shatter the legs of West Bank protesters,”
Alternet, August 8, 2014.

B’Tselem [The Israeli Information Center for
Human Rights in the Occupied Territories]. “Seven
months of protests by Gaza fence: Over 5,800
Palestinians wounded by live Israeli gunfire
November 22, 2018. ["Approximately 2,300
of the casualties are minors. Doctors have
had to perform amputations on 90 protesters,
including 17 minors and one woman. In the
majority of cases (82), the amputations were
of lower limbs.”]

Cannon, Suzanne. "Public Transportation in East
Jerusalem is Not Accessible
,” BIZCHUT website,
April 2, 2012. [Excerpt: “ (I)n spite of the
obligations under the Equal Rights for People
with Disabilities Law and its regulations, the situation
in East Jerusalem is appalling and what have become
acceptable standards for accessibility to public
transportation in other locations around the country and in
neighborhoods in West Jerusalem, have been passed
over in the east of the city. The outcome of this
harsh violation of the law is a serious blow to the
rights of thousands of residents with mobility
and sensory impairments to freedom of movement,
and to the their right to be included in society and
live a life of dignity: the buses and minibuses do
not have room for people who use wheelchairs,
there are no ramps, no seats dedicated to people
with disabilities, no accommodations for people
with sight impairments, no public announcement
systems, no enlarged signs with contrasting
colors, as laid down in the regulations.”]

CBM. “Palestine (Gaza),” CBM website. [Excerpt: In
the 1980s, the Intifada brought a sudden interest
in physical disability: The number of persons with
permanent disabilities due to war injuries rose.”]

Clare, Dr. Gerry. "Trump and Israel's 'Vision' for the
Palestinians Is to Blind Them. Literally
; Working as
an eye doctor in East Jerusalem, I saw first-hand
how Israel maims Palestinians as a form of crowd
control. Now Trump is cutting U.S. funds to the
hospitals that treat them,” Haaretz, September
16, 2018. [Haaretz article behind paywall ... PDF

Copley, Theo Yang. "What Disability Justice
Has To Offer Social Justice
,” Grassroots Instite
for Fundraising, November 1, 2011.

Defense for Children International [DCI]. “Stopped
at the door: Disability and the right to education
(Part 1)
,” December 16, 2016. 

Defense for Children Intenational [DCI]. “Stopped
at the door: Disability and the right to education
(Part 2)
,” December 22, 2016.

Diakonia. "Call for action regarding disability
in Gaza
,” December 4, 2012. ["In November,
the people of Gaza have lived under constant
threat due to the conflict in the region.
International agencies working with disability
in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) now
call for action to ensure the well-being of a
forgotten group in the conflict; people with
disabilities....Ensure that people with disabilities
have immediate access to all humanitarian
interventions in the Gaza Strip. This includes
protection, health and nutrition as well as
psychosocial support.

Doctors without Borders/ Medecins sans
Frontieres. “Gaza: Thousands of People Shot
during Protests Require Urgent Treatment
November 29, 2018. [“Thousandsof people
shot by the Israeli army during protests in
Gaza this year are overwhelming the Gazan
medical system with complex wounds,
infections, and disabilities, the international
medical humanitarian organization Doctors
Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières
(MSF) said today.”]

Estrin, Daniel and Abu Bar Bashir. Inside
Gaza's Factory Making Prosthetic Legs For
Palestinian Protest Amputees
,” National
Public Radio ["All Things Considered”],
October 31, 2018.

Giacaman, Rita [Birzeit University]. "Mental health,
social distress and political oppression: The case
of the occupied Palestinian territory
,” Global Public
Health 6(5):547-559,  July 2011.

Helm, Sarah. "‘Will he lose his leg?’: Thousands
of Gaza protesters facing life-altering injuries
from Israeli high velocity bullets
,” The Independent
UK], November 11, 2018. [Excerpt: "Human rights
groups dispute almost every element of this
[IsraeliDefense Forces] analysis. Amnesty International
has called Israel’s sniper fire “a murderous assault”
on the protesters, calling on governments world
wideto impose a comprehensive arms embargo on
Israel./ "It seems likely that, in order to defuse the
growing international criticism of the slaughter,
the rules of engagement were changed and Israeli
snipers came under new orders to shoot to kill
less and shoot to maim more, [Breaking The
Silence's Yehuda Shaul] suggests.”]

Hoyle, Charlie. "Mental health in Palestine among
world's worst
,” The New Arab, May 12, 2017.
[Excerpt: "Political and social conditions endured
by Palestinians under Israeli military occupation
have left a scar on the psychological wellbeing of
civilians….A study of adolescents in the besieged
territory after the 2008-9 Israeli offensive found
that 30 percent reported symptoms meeting the
criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, according
to a report by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)
investigating the health impact of 50 years of military
occupation. / Among areas heavily bombarded
during the 2014 war on Gaza, 54 percent of children
were recorded as suffering from severe PTSD, whose
symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance
behaviour, difficulty sleeping, and intrusive distressing
recollections of traumatic experiences. / Following the
52-day war, which killed more than 2,200 Palestinians,
the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that
more than 20 percent of the Gazan population may
have developed mental health conditions which
required psychosocial care.”] Also see Al Jazeera.
"Save the Children: Gaza children on brink of mental
health crisis: 
Research by the rights group found 95
percent of young people surveyed in Gaza showed
deep psychological distress
,” June 4, 2018.

The Hub. "Resources for Social Justice
and Disability
,” December 20, 2016.

Humanity and Inclusion. “Palestinian Territories,” 2018.

Humaid, Maram. "Gaza hospitals: 'Israel was
shooting to kill or cause disability’
: Al Jazeera
speaks to doctors and Palestinians injured during
Gaza's Land Day protests at a hospital struggling
to cope,” Al Jazeera, April 3, 2018.

International Middle East Media Center [IMEMC].
"Al Mezan: Israel Claims Immunity from All Damages
Inflicted on Gaza Protestors
,” February 13, 2019.
[Excerpt: "Adalah and Al Mezan appeal to Israeli
Supreme Court against lower court ruling finding
that Gazans may be denied compensation for
damages because Gaza is defined by law as an
‘enemy territory’. Israeli military forces shot
Palestinian high school student Attiya Nabaheen
on his 15th birthday in the front yard of his family
home in the Gaza Strip on 16 November 2014.
Nabaheen was returning from school. He was
not armed and was not involved in any violence.
As a result of the shooting, Nabaheen was
paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for
the rest of his life.”]

Israel Palestine Timeline. "Karam Mohammad
,” December 28, 2018. ["Karam Mohammad
No’man Fayyad, 26, a disabled Palestinian man,
was shot in the head and killed by Israeli forces
at the Great March of Return east of Khan Younis
in Gaza. In addition to Karam, Israeli soldiers shot
and injured at least eight other protesters with
live ammunition, including a medic and a
photojournalist, during the Great March Of
Return processions in the besieged Gaza Strip.”]

Jaffee, Laura Jordan. "Disrupting global disability
frameworks: settler-colonialism and the geopolitics
of disability in Palestine/Israel
,” [abstract], Disability
and Society, March 11, 2015.

Kate. "60% of the 10,500 protesters treated for
injuries in Gaza were shot by Israeli forces in the legs
Mondoweiss, December 14, 2018. [See: “Pitman, Todd.
"In Gaza protests, Israeli troops aim at the legs,”
Associated Press, December 9, 2018.}

Khatib, Alaa and Silvester Kasozi. "Disability and
Explosive Remnants of War in Gaza,” three page
downloadable pdf, This Week in Palestine, July, 2014. 

Kubovich, Yaniv [and Associated Press]. “Disabled
Palestinian Protester Killed in Clashes Was Shot in
the Head, Gaza Medical Records Say
,” Haaretz,
December 29, 2017.

Lamm, Nomy. "This Is Disability Justice,”
The Body is Not an Apology, September 2, 2015.

Levy, Gideon. "The Israeli Military First Took His Legs,
Then His Life
: On Friday, a sharpshooter shot and
killed Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a Gazan double amputee,
as he protested from his wheelchair near the Israeli
border,” Haaretz, December 17, 2017.

Levy, Gideon and Alex Levac. "The Disabled
Palestinian Slowly Walked Away. Then, Israeli
Troops Shot Him in the Back of the Head
. Mohammad
Khabali started to retrace his steps. Security camera
footage shows three soldiers moving ahead, to within
80 meters of him. Suddenly two shots are heard. The
mentally disabled young man collapses, dead,”
Haaretz,  December 13, 2018. 

Liebowitz, Cara. "At the Intersection of White
Privilege and Disability,” The Body is Not an
Apology, November 29, 2017.

Médecins du Monde [MdM]. "Mental health and
psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence
in Palestine
,” November 16, 2017. [Excerpt: “most
of these problems are nurtured by harmful
occupation policies which clearly affect the
foundations of the Palestinian society and
prevail its fulfilment. 
While 2017 marks anniversary
of 50 years of occupation and 10 years of blockade in
Gaza, it is more than time for the international
community to take concrete action to have these
daily violations on right to health immediately ceased.]

Medical Aid for Palestinians [MAP]. Hairdressing
and hope: realising the rights of people with
disabilities in Gaza
,” November 24, 2017.
[Excerpt: "Occupation, blockade and closure
have detrimentally impacted the employment
opportunities of Palestinians with disabilities.
Gaza has the world’s highest unemployment
rate – around 43% – which makes it even more
challenging for people with disabilities to gain
and keep jobs. In December 2016, the Palestinian
Non-Governmental Organizations Network stated
that 90% of people with disabilities in in Gaza
were unemployed.”]

Medical Aid for Palestinians [MAP]. "Voices from Gaza:
Living with a disability under blockade
,” MAP website,
July 21, 2017. [Excerpt: "Last month, Medical Aid for
Palestinian’s (MAP) team in Gaza met Palestinians with
disabilities who participate in our ‘Inclusive and
Accessible Society’ project to discuss the barriers they
face in attaining full and equal participation in society.
The group first talked about the harm caused by
Israel’s military offensives to people with disabilities
in Gaza. / They highlighted the increase in the number
of Palestinians with a disability as a result of Israeli
military offensives on Gaza, with a quarter of the
group disabled directly or indirectly by the actions
of the Israeli military, including shelling of civilian
areas. During Israel’s 2014 offensive more than
2,000 Palestinians were killed and 11,000 injured,
10 per cent of whom received permanent disabilities.
/ The group also talked about the consequences of
Israel’s failure to protect health facilities and
personnel and other civilians and civilian infrastructure
during its military offensive, including their responsibility
to take all necessary measures to ensure the protection
and safety of persons with disabilities in situations
of risk.]

Medical Aid for Palestinians [MAP]. "MAP joins
call for the blockade and closure on Gaza to be lifted
MAP website, July 13, 2018. ["Joint letter on behalf
of 23 International, European, Israeli and Palestinian
human rights and development organisations,
calling on the European Union to urge Israel to
immediately and unconditionally lift the closure
and blockade on Gaza, 12 July” / Excerpt: “We
are writing regarding the alarming situation in
the Gaza Strip, to call on you to urge the Israeli
authorities to lift the more than a decade-long
closure and blockade imposed on the 2 million
Gaza Strip residents….Financial assistance alone
will not reverse this accelerating trend and will
not fulfill the basic rights of Palestinians in Gaza.
As interest for increased humanitarian relief grows
internationally, we fear that there can be no effective
development and humanitarian aid as long as
Israel maintains its illegal closure….As
representatives of international, European, Israeli
and Palestinian human rights and development
organisations, we urge European leaders to clearly
recognise Israel’s primary responsibility over the
unlawful closure and blockade of the Gaza Strip,
which is the root cause of its continuous
de-development and amounts to a form of
collective punishment prohibited by
international law.”]

Medecins Sans Frontières / Doctors
Without Borders. "MSF teams seeing
unusually severe gunshot wounds in
,” April 19,2018. [Excerpt: “Half of
the more than 500 patients we have
admitted in our clinics have injuries where
the bullet has literally destroyed tissue
after having pulverised the bone”, said
Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, MSF’s country
manager in Palestine. “These patients
will need to have very complex surgical
operations and most of them will have
disabilities for life.”]

Middle East Monitor. "41% of disabled Palestinian
children suffer more than one disability, reveals
,” December 14, 2016. [Excerpt: “Israel’s
military offensive against the Palestinians in
Gaza two years ago led to more than 2,260
people being killed; a further 11,000 were
wounded. According to the General Union for
Disability in Gaza, 40 per cent of the Palestinians
wounded in the 2014 war have long-term disabilities.”]

Middle East Monitor. "Book on Israel’s deliberate
maiming of Palestinians wins top academic prize
September 17, 2018. [Excerpt: "A US scholar has
won a prestigious prize for a book which argues
that Israel intentionally maims Palestinians under its
Rutgers University Professor Jasbir Puar
was awarded the National Women’s Studies
Association’s Alison Piepmeier Book Prize for
The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability”.]

Middle East Monitor. "UN: over 1,400 Palestinian
Protesters May Suffer Long-Term Disabilit
July 13, 2018.

Murphy, Maureen Clare. "Israel has injured
24,000 Gaza protesters,” Electronic Intifada,
November 25, 2018.

Noor Society for Disabled. Website accessed 2018.
["Noor Society for People with Disability is a a
non- profit organization works in both sectors
(Aida and Al Azza camp). it works to rehabilitate
people with disability, share awareness for parents
and community, and merge them in the society
through occupational, physiotherapy, speech
therapy, and learning difficulty program.”]

Palestine Chronicle. "UN: 1,400 Palestinian
Protesters May Suffer Long-Term Disability
July 13, 2018.

Patel, Yumna. "Israeli soldiers shoot and kill
a disabled Palestinian man on International Day
of Disabled Persons
,” Mondoweiss, December 5, 2018.

Roberts, Rachel.  "Ibrahim Abu Thuraya: Disabled
Palestinian activist shot dead by Israeli troops in
Jerusalem protest
. Outrage after double amputee
among of eight Palestinians killed since Donald
Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital,”
The Independent [UK]. December 16, 2017. Also
see Abusalama, Shahd, "
Ibrahim Abu Thurayya: an
icon of dignity and defiance,” Electronic Intifada,
December 18, 2017.

Rothchild, Alice. "IARPP [International Association
for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy]
clamps down debate on Palestinian mental health
at its conference in NY
,” Mondoweiss, June 1, 2018.
[Excerpt: "A professional, international organization
that is focused on the social and relational aspects
of mental health might be expected to welcome a
conversation that explores the impact of longstanding
human rights abuses, military occupation and siege
on a captive civilian population. Indeed, even the
diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder may
not be applicable to a society where the trauma
is ongoing and rarely “post”…. But some staff at the
IARPP responded more like an arm of the Israeli
government than a professional mental health

S., Aaron. "How Israel Changes the Lives of The
,” Jerusalem Online, November 18, 2018.
[Hasbara excerpt: "Israel’s commitment to protecting
the rights of those with disabilities, influences all
aspects of Israeli society. From (…) to “Special
in Uniform”, a unique project which helps those
with special needs enlist in the Israel Defense
Forces, to (…) Israel is proud to advocate on
behalf of those with disabilities and will
continue to work to advance equality and
tolerance on a global scale.” (… as long as it
is not equality for non-Jews in Israel, the oPt,
or the Palestinian diaspora— ML)]

Sayrafi, Imad. "Invisible People: Women and Girls 
with Disabilities and access to Rights Organizations
to in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Palestinian
Refugee Camps in Lebanon
,” downloadable pdf,
Birzeit University, 2013.

United Nations Development Program of Assistance
to the Palestinian People. "Children with Disability:
Restoring their Right to Education in Gaza
Al Amal’s School [
for the Physically Disabled] Allowed
around 160 students children with Disability return
to their School After its Reconstruction.” [Excerpt:
"Shams Al Amal School is one of the only few schools
caring for children with disability in Gaza and was
almost completely destroyed during the 2014 hostilities.
This has led to the displacement of more than 160
students and teachers with physical disabilities.
Determined not to close its doors despite the

numerous challenges; the school operated in
tents and temporary shelters until it was
reconstructed….According to Palestinian Central
Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), Around 1,134 individuals
injured in the war on Gaza Strip in 2014 are
expected to be left disabled. Following the 2014
hostilities, 24 schools were completely destroyed
and 190 schools, including 70 UNRWA schools and
120 government schools, have been damaged in Gaza.
12 higher education institutions were damaged, in
addition to tens of kindergartens, according to the
Palestinian Ministry of Education.”]

United Nations Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA]. "
Addressing rehabilitation
needs of Palestinians seriously injured during Gaza
demonstrations: Over 1,400 may suffer long-term
Posted on 10 July 2018 as part of The
Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | June 2018. ["
article was contributed by the World Health
Organization and the Disability Working Group”]

United Nations Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA]. "
Excessive use of
force and lack of accountability
Posted on 4
July 2017 as part of The Monthly Humanitarian
Bulletin | May-June 2017. [Excerpt: "
In 2016,
19 Palestinians were killed and over 3,200 injured
during such clashes; nearly 14 per cent of these
injuries were from live ammunition. Serious injuries
often result in long-term disability, rendering young
Palestinians in constant need of medical treatment
and humanitarian assistance, and disrupting the
lives of their entire families.”]

United Nations Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA]. "
Gaza Emergency
Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 20 August 2014, 8:00 hrs),”
OCHA website, August 21, 2014. [Excerpt: “An
estimated 1,000 children injured will suffer from
a disability for life, and a further 6,000 children
will have a parent with a life-long disability.”]

United Nations Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA]. "
Gaza: people
with disabilities disproportionately affected
by the energy and salary crisis
,” OCHA website,
Posted on 11 October 2017 as part of  The
Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | September
2017. [Excerpt: "
The Palestinian Ministry of
Social Development estimates that over 49,000
individuals in the Gaza Strip (or 2.4 per cent
of the population) suffer from some type of
disability, a third of them children. More than
1,100 of these people, including about 300
children, became disabled as a result of
injuries incurred during the 2014 hostilities,
including approximately 100 amputees.”]

United Nations Program of Assistance to the
Palestinian People. "Children with Disability:
Restoring their Right to Education in Gaza
Shams Al Amal’s School Allowed around 160
students children with Disability return to their
School After its Reconstruction.” [2014?]

World Health Organization. “Gaza: Waiting for
, Thousands of patients in Gaza
cannot access much-needed health care,”
WHO in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,
November 16, 2018. 

World Health Organization. “Health Access:
Barriers for Patients in the Occupied Palestinian
,” Monthly Report, May, 2018. [“According
to the WHO’s monthly Gaza healthcare access report,
in May 2018 Israel approved permits for just 59% of
all patients seeking to exit Gaza for treatment in East
Jerusalem, the rest of the West Bank or abroad. These
permits are critical for many patients unable to access
the medical treatment they need within Gaza. Israeli
authorities denied 201 Gaza patients (including six
children) permission to cross Erez for healthcare in
May, including 37 cancer patients. In addition, 718
patients (including 164 children) missed appointments
due to Israeli delays, 23% in need of cancer treatment.
Due to Israeli forces’ violence response to the “Great
March of Return” demonstrations, more than a thousand
patients in Gaza require specialist limb reconstruction
care. The WHO’s report however, shows that only 36%
of orthopaedic applications were approved to exit Gaza
for medical treatment….The accessibility of healthcare
is a fundamental element of the right to health. As the
occupying power, Israel has an international legal
obligation to ensure humanitarian assistance to the
population under its control, including access to
medical care.” — MAP.]

YMCA Jerusalem. "The International Day of People
with Disabilities
,” press release, December 3, 2016.
[Excerpt: “(We, at the East Jerusalem YMCA - Rehabilitation
Program) believe that the following issues needs to
be further addressed at this stage:….Opposing the
practices of the military occupation against the
Palestinians, generally, and people with disabilities,
specifically, namely those held in Israeli prisons as
well as those experiencing ill-treatment whether in
their houses, on the streets or at checkpoints, given
that similar unjust practices are incompatible with
the basic rights and most importantly, the right
to live and the right to a dignified living.

Sins Invalid. "10 Principles of Disability Justice,” September 17, 2015.

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Abu Eltarabesh, Hamza.  "Gaza’s Team of Champions,” Electronic
Intifada, July 5, 2018.

Gideon Levy in Haaretz.

"Israeli army commander: I will make all the youth of Al-Duheisha
camp disabled
,” Middle East Monitor, August 26, 2016. For more
information about the notorious “Captain Nidal”: Barrows-Friedman,
Nora. "Israeli officer threatens to kill Palestinian youth and his
,” Electronic Intifada, December 23, 2016.

"Israeli prison authorities denied Hassan Tamimi his medication, which
made him fall into a coma and lose his eyesight.” [7/19/18

main 1200

"Gaza City, Gaza - September 03 [2018]: Palestinian student
Mohammed Abu Hussain from Gaza, who lost his leg after
being shot by an Israeli sniper during "Great March of Return”
demonstrations, sits on a chair holding his crutches at the
playground of his school in Gaza City, Gaza on September
03, 2018. (Photo by Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)”
[via The Atlantic]

60% of the 10,500 protesters treated for injuries in Gaza were shot by Israeli forces in the legs

"Disabled Palestinians who lost their legs from
Israeli troops fire during clashes at
Gaza-Israel border wait to receive crutches
funded by Viva Malaysia, in Gaza city,
on July 19, 2018. (Photo by Ashraf
Amra/APA Images)"  Mondoweiss, December
14, 2018.

"Video: Israel kills dreams of Gaza boxing
,” The Electronic Intifada, January 15, 2019.

Gaza 2019


Childhood in the Gaza Strip

The Truth, Not Hasbara

n “Vegan Washing”:

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h/t Electronic Intifada

Abunimah, Ali. "Israel’s killer vegetarians (and vegans).
A brief history,” Electronic Intifada, November 2, 2012. 

Ahronheim, Anna. "The most vegan army in the world.
10,000 IDF soldiers are vegan, including Deputy Chief
of Staff Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi,” Jerusalem Post,
October 3, 2018.

Alloun, Esther. "Fur PETA’s Sake! The politics of animals
in the Zionist state,” Animal Liberation Currents,
June 12, 2017.

Gross, Aeyal. "Vegans for (And Against) the Occupation.
Those promoting a vegan diet deserve congratulation for
various reasons. But those enlisting it as a conscience-
cleaning device to help hide their role in perpetuating the
suffering of others do not,”  Ha’aretz, November 14, 2013.

Hendricks, Chris. "Veganwashing and the Lie of Vegan
,” Collectively Free, June 7, 2018. [Excerpt: “Probably
the most widely-reported example of Israeli veganwashing
is the 2015 initiative by Anonymous for Animal Rights
(Israel’s largest animal-rights organization) to re-brand
the Israeli Defense Forces….”]

Matar, Haggai. "Can animal rights take precedence over
human rights?
” +972, November 12, 2013. [Excerpt: “When
veganism becomes a tool to improve the IDF’s image, or
that of Israel as a whole – which is what Megged suggests
– and when attempts are being made to cover up the fact
that the IDF operates an occupation mechanism that denies
people their basic human rights, veganism is being
appropriated for propaganda purposes.
…The conclusion
to be drawn from this observation is not to abstain from
veganism, but rather to appropriate it as yet another
element in the general struggle against oppression –
of any kind.”]

Palestinian Animal League. "Defending Palestine: Liberating
the People, the Land, and Animals,
” August 7, 2017.

Palestinian Animal League. "Israel, the first world
country with vegan washing?
” March 28, 2018. [Excerpt:
“[T]he moral price we pay for disconnecting the struggle
for animal rights from the struggle for human rights
is reproducing, reinforcing and making other
oppressions sustainable.”]

Palestinian Animal League. "Palestine Animal League
Conference: Defending Animal and Human Rights
May 30, 2018. 

Powell, Dylan. "The Myth of Vegan Progress in Israel,”
Dylan Powell blog, February 15, 2015.

Qadi, Renan. "Our Palestinian vegan food has been
also stolen!
” Palestinian Animal League, September
21, 2018.

Starostinetskaya, Anna. "Israeli Army Introduces
Vegan Combat Rations. 50,000 IDF soldiers can now
enjoy vegan food packs that include hummus, tahini,
beans, cocoa spread, halva, olives, and fruit,” Veg
News, April 3, 2017.

Tanenbaum, Julia. “Renouncing Vegan Birthright,”
Collectively Free, Sept. 22, 2017.

Who Profits. "Made in Israel: Agricultural Export from
Occupied Territories
,” April, 2014.

The Truth, Not Hasbara

On “Art Washing”:

The cultural boycott of Israel
is inspired by the South African
anti-apartheid struggle….(During
the 1980s) international artists
refused to play Sun City in response
to the calls of Black South Africans
not to do ‘business as usual’ with
apartheid. Art-washing is the use
of art and culture to cover up
oppression and present “a false
sense of normalcy in a situation
of grave repression”….An artist’s
politics and personal view of the
Israeli government matter little
once they’ve agreed to perform
in Israel….The Israeli government
will endorse their performance
and use it to undermine Palestinians’
non-violent resistance to Israel’s
occupation, colonisation, and
apartheid policies.

Stephanie Adam, PACBI

We are seeing culture as a hasbara
tool of the first rank, and I do not
differentiate between hasbara and

Nissim Ben-Sheetrit, Director General
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel
[former Deputy Director General for
Asian Affairs]

Iyou're asked to play in Israel then
you have to acknowledge that their
cultural programme is propagandistic.
It has a role in maintaining the status quo.
Culture is part of Israel's public image
and if you're playing there you're part
of that system. 

Brian Eno, musician

We will send well-known novelists and
writers overseas, theater companies,
exhibits,” said Arye Mekel, the ministry’s
deputy director general for cultural affairs.
“This way you show Israel’s prettier face,
so we are not thought of purely in the
context of war.”

Ayre Mekel, Israeli Foreign
Ministry Deputy Director General
for Cultural Affairs

We have a list of people who have
performed in South Africa because
of ignorance of the situation or the
lure of money or unconcern over racism.
They need to be persuaded to stop
entertaining apartheid, to stop profiting
from apartheid money and to stop
serving the propaganda purposes of
the apartheid regime.

 Enuga S Reddy, director of the
UN Centre Against Apartheid [1984]

Adalah-NY. "‘No Art for ApARTheid’s Sake’:
New York human rights advocates protest Israel
Philharmonic Orchestra
,” Mondoweiss, February 5,
2019. [Excerpt: "The IPO, a self-proclaimed
“cultural ambassador” representing the state of
Israel, orchestrates a positive image of Israel to
divert attention from its human rights abuses,
as part of the “Brand Israel” initiative launched
in 2006. An Israeli Foreign Ministry official
explained Israeli government efforts to rebrand
Israel through the arts in 2009, saying, “We will
send well-known novelists and writers overseas,
theater companies, exhibits” to “show Israel’s
prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in
the context of war.” The IPO website proudly
states that the Orchestra “represent[s] the State
of Israel across the world.”]

Al Yafai, Faisal. "The art of art-washing: how Israel’s
propaganda machine swings into action every time
an artist boycotts the country
. Israel is so incensed
every time anyone take a political stand against its
modus operandi that the government has created
an entire department to oppose it, writes Faisal
Al Yafai,” The National, April 24, 2018.

Ayyub, Rami. "Boycott Israel's 'artwashed’ Eurovision
2019, pro-Palestinian activists say
,” Reuters,
January 30, 2019.

Barghouti, Omar. "Radiohead is art-washing Israeli
. Cultural boycott of Israel, not dialogue,
is needed. We had dialogue for decades and that
did not bring any justice,” Al Jazeera, July 31, 2017.

Ben Zion, Ilan. "Lorde scraps Israel concert
amid boycott calls
,” Associated Press, December
25, 2017. [Excerpt: "Lorde said that after having
“lots of discussions” about the matter, “I’m not
too proud to admit I didn’t make the right call
on this one,” referring to her initial decision
to hold the concert….The Palestinian Campaign
for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
posted a statement on Twitter thanking the artist
for “heeding appeals from your fans against
Israel’s art-washing of its brutal oppression
of Palestinians.

Dodd, Vickram and Rory McCarthy. “Elvis Costello
cancels concerts in Israel in protest at treatment
of Palestinians
. Singer says he acted on 'conscience’,
as he joins a list of performers who have boycotted
Israel for political reasons,” The Guardian [UK],
May 18, 2010.

Hecht, Ravit. "Itay Tiran, Israel’s No. 1 Theater
Actor-director: BDS Is a Legitimate Form of
,” Haaretz, September 5, 2018.
[Excerpt: “BDS is a perfectly legitimate form
of resistance. And if we want to preach for a
certain kind of political discussion that isn’t
violent, we must strengthen these voices,
even if it’s difficult,” said Itay…"]

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. International
Brand Israel seminar to be launched by the Foreign
,” October 24, 2016. [Excerpt: “(T)he goal
is to improve Israel's image among the different
audiences, in a way that will advance several
objectives, mainly in the area of trade and
commerce: expanding Israel's export, increasing
incoming tourism and publicizing the attractiveness
of foreign investments. Moreover, strengthening
Israel's positive image could improve Israel's political
stand. Minister Livni will open the seminar…”]

Kulwin, Noah. "The Cultural Boycott of Israel Strikes
a Chord
,” Jewish Currents, September 12, 2018.
[Excerpt: "Israel may have finally reached its own
“Sun City” moment, in which the price of Israeli
actions in Gaza and the West Bank has become
too high a moral price for artists to pay.”] 

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and
Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). "No Art-Washing
of Israel’s Massacre in Gaza: Boycott the SERET
Film and TV Festival
,” April 25, 2018.

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and
Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). "
Amnesty Int’l
withdraws from Israel concert fund following
,” Electronic Intifada, August 18, 2009.
[Excerpt: "Omar Barghouti from
the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic
and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)
commented, “We welcome Amnesty
International’s withdrawal from this
ill-conceived project which is clearly
intended to whitewash Israel’s violations
of international law and human rights."]

Reuters. "'Artwashing:' BDS Activists Ramp Up
Pressure on Eurovision 2019 in Israel
,” January
31, 2019. [Excerpt: "The movement sees Eurovision
'as artwashing - whitewashing through arts' of what
it calls Israel’s decades-old regime of military
occupation and colonialism, its co-founder Omar
Barghouti told Reuters in the West Bank city of
Ramallah”….Israel calls international boycotts,
including of its settlements in the Israeli-occupied
West Bank, discriminatory and anti-Semitic.
Barghouti rejected those labels, saying the
movement "categorically and on principle rejects
all forms of racism.” Many BDS supporters were
Jewish, he said."]



Artists United Against [SA] Apartheid: Sun City Official Video [1985]



The Truth, Not Hasbara

On the hasbara of left zionism:

Abunimah, Ali. "Teaching young people to hate:
the ugly face of J Street’s anti-Palestinian bigotry
,” Electronic Intifada, August 19, 2012.
[Excerpt: "For years, J Street has posed as the kinder,
gentler face of the Israel lobby, the alternative to
hardline AIPAC. Anyone who’s paid close attention
knows that has never been the case, and behind
the smiling exterior that J Street boss Jeremy
Ben-Ami projects are similar hardcore
anti-Palestinian views….we should have
zero tolerance for talk of Palestinians as a
“demographic threat” just because (a) they’re
born and (b) they’re not Jews.”]

Blumenthal. Max. "Brooklyn College battle reveals
hidden agenda of “liberal Zionism,” Electronic Intifada,
February 12, 2013. [Excerpt: "Is unilaterally deciding
how Palestinians will be controlled and dominated
what liberal Zionists mean by “Jewish self-determination?”
Questions like this are not easy to answer, which may
be why leading liberal Zionists stringently avoid engaging
in forums where their onerous proposals might be
placed under tough scrutiny.”]

Bryan, Robb. "Munayyer-Beinart debate revealed
toothless sentimentalism of liberal Zionism
Mondoweiss, June 12, 2015. [Excerpt: “Beinart
has long played the role of Good Cop – the
level-headed foil to the Rabbi Shmuleys and
Alan Dershowitzes of the world….Yet this quote
from a 2010 interview with Jeffrey Goldberg displays
the limits of his progressivism: “I’m not even asking
[Israel] to allow full, equal citizenship to Arab Israelis,
since that would require Israel no longer being a Jewish
state. I’m actually pretty willing to compromise my
liberalism for Israel’s security and for its status as a
Jewish state.”]

Cronin, David. "When Haaretz explains Israel’s crimes,”
Electronic Intifada, July 13, 2017. [Excerpt: "Some of its
most senior journalists behave as stooges to an apartheid
state. Amos Harel is promoted by the paper as “one of
Israel’s leading media experts on military and defense
issues.” He is a practitioner of hasbara – the Israeli
brand of propaganda. Hasbara is frequently translated
as “explaining.” And Harel tends to “explain” Israeli
conduct in a sympathetic way.”]

Deane, Raymond. "The Anatomy of a Beautiful Soul,” Electronic
Intifada, November 9, 2006. [Excerpt: "Undoubtedly Lieberman
is a villainous demagogue, but at least he fearlessly spells out
the racist and supremacist implications of Zionist ideology.
With Lieberman you know where you stand, and self-styled
democrats and peaceniks can polish their humanistic
credentials by flinging mud at him. With David Grossman,
however, the same premises lead to a discourse in which
everything has become muddied and inverted, the occupier
has become the victim, the victim has become a twisted
fanatic, and only the humanistic man of letters has retained
any kind of wistful integrity.”]

Elia, Nada. "Jewish allies must understand that solidarity
entails a loss of privilege
,” Mondoweiss, July 5, 2018. 

HaCohen, Ran. "Israeli Intellectuals Love the War,”
Electronic Intifada, August 7, 2006.

Jinjirrie. “Liberal Zionist Bingo,” Kadaitcha, March 1, 2012.

Levine, Mark. "Peter Beinart's liberal Zionist fantasy,”
Al Jazeera, March, 2012. [Excerpt: "Beinart and “liberal”
groups such as J Street … can only get a seat at the table
of power to the extent they refrain from offering the
kind of systematic, historically grounded and ruthlessly
honest critique of policies that would show the flaws in the
system to be fundamental and irreparable - precisely what
those in power work so hard to ensure no-one understands.”]

Levitz, Eric. "Natalie Portman and the Crisis of Liberal
,” New York Magazine, April 26, 2018. [Excerpt: “To
remain true to both AIPAC and progressivism, a liberal
Zionist must now lament border walls in Texas but defend
them in the West Bank; condemn Republicans who suggest
that nonwhite babies pose a threat to American civilization
as proto-Nazis and endorse Israel’s right to defend itself
against the “demographic threat” that is Palestinian children;
decry Donald Trump’s ban on Syrian refugees and apologize
for Israel’s imprisonment of African ones; abhor the president’s
indifference to civilian casualties and ignore that Israel’s
defense minister believes every man, woman, and child
in the Gaza Strip is an enemy combatant.”]

Levy, Gideon. “Israeli Propaganda Isn't Fooling Anyone – Except
'Hasbara' is the Israeli euphemism for propaganda,
and there are some things, said the late ambassador Yohanan
Meroz, that are 
not 'hasbarable.' One of them is Israel’s
treatment of the Palestinians,” Ha’aretz, June 4, 2015.

Litvin, Yoav. "New Israel Fund’s Daniel Sokatch exposes
the bankruptcy of liberal Zionism
,” Mondoweiss, January
11, 2018. [Excerpt: "So why are Sokatch and NIF so afraid
of BDS? It may be because BDS threatens the most
fundamental premise inherent in Zionism – the
supremacy of one group of people over another.”]

Nassar, Tamara. "Israel passes law entrenching apartheid,”
Electronic Intifada, July 19, 2018. [Excerpt: "J Street itself
staunchly opposes equality for Palestinians by rejecting
the right of return for Palestinian refugees solely on the
grounds that they are not Jews and would therefore
constitute a “demographic threat.” 
J Street’s website
even panders to the claim that Palestinians would “flood
Israel with refugees and undermine it as a homeland
for the Jewish people.” But unlike the new law, J Street
packages its rejection of Palestinian rights as support
for “peace” and a “two-state solution.”]

Norr, Henry. "Pappé on apartheid, ideology, Chomsky,
and the contradictions of “liberal Zionism
,” Mondoweiss,
September 1, 2015. [Excerpt: "this idea of segregating the
rights of the people is familiar to us. Now this is an
ideology. This is not a tactical response to a problem.
This is not just a policy. It is not even a strategy. This is a
Zionist vision shared by all the Zionist parties. Now, this
is the main, almost the exclusive, obstacle to peace and
reconciliation in Israel and Palestine. Not addressing it,
but only addressing the Israeli policy here or there,
would be similar to addressing certain policies of South
Africa during the heyday of Apartheid without touching
Apartheid at all.”]

North, James. "New book by Larry Derfner, the
American-turned-Israeli journalist, crushes liberal
Zionism,” Mondoweiss, April 4, 2017. [Excerpt: “Israel’s
problem is not what it may become, but what it already is.”]

Ofir, Jonathan. "Amos Oz was the wizard
of liberal-Zionist zealotry
,” Mondoweiss,
January 4, 2019.

Peled, Miko. "Amos Oz Remembered: The Sharp
Talons of a Zionist “Dove
.” It is wrong to speak ill
of the dead. Amos Oz, however, was not a private
man, not just an individual but an icon. He thrived
and benefited greatly from his image as a Zionist, a
patriot, and with that, a peace-loving man, a true
“dove.” Oz was the icon of the culture of the
colonizer,” Mint Press News, January 2, 2019.

Rose, Liz. "It’s time for Tom Friedman to face
the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move
,” Mondoweiss, June 27, 2018. [Excerpt: “It’s
becoming more and more difficult for liberal
Zionists to balance their support for human
rights and global justice in Trump’s America
with their support for Israel. But liberal
Zionists in the U.S. still believe they can.”]

Rose, Liz. "The loving rituals of liberal Zionism
(and the Birthright breakup)
,” Mondoweiss, September
13, 2018. [Excerpt: "This growing crack within
liberal Zionism is a sign that the mythology is
falling apart, the shared stories are unraveling,
the inherent hypocrisy is becoming more glaring.
Liberal Zionism always sits on top of the occupation,
on top of all of Palestine, with or without the
blasts of the ram’s horn demanding us to pay
attention. We just don’t want to see it.”]

Silverstein, Richard. "J Street Blackwashes Israeli
Apartheid, Supports West Bank Investment
,” Tikun Olam,
March 30, 2017.

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Alley of J Street and Liberal American Zionism
Huffington Post, March 24, 2014.

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became a non-Zionist
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Ceases to be a Democracy?’ (Pssst…it never was)
Mondoweiss, January 3, 2011.

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Hadas Thier
,” International Socialist Review, Issue
85, 2012.

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— Crabapple and Goldman clobber Zionism in
intellectual journals
,” Mondoweiss, November 20, 2018.

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Also see:

Abdelmageed, Abdel. "‘Hummus! The Movie’
and the art of whitewashing an occupation
Mondoweiss, October 31, 2018. [Excerpt:
"My issue is not appropriation of hummus,
my issue is that the movie continues with
a narrative that is untrue and, unfortunately,
widely accepted in western societies. A
narrative that portrays Israel as a beacon
of democracy in the Middle East. Meanwhile
Israeli bulldozers are razing Palestinian
homes to make room for settlements and
Israeli forces, supported with a $3.9 Billion
annual aid from the US, are shooting peaceful
protesters for simply demanding freedom.
Such hasbara….is not limited to the world
of food. Israel lately has been riding the
coattails of interfaith activities and initiatives
to further promote its fictitious image of
tolerance and coexistence.”]

Associated Press. "Israel to pay students to
defend it online,” USA Today, August 14,
2013. [Excerpt: " Israel is looking to hire
university students to post pro-Israel
messages on social media networks —
without needing to identify themselves as
, officials said Wednesday.
The Israeli prime minister's office said…..
students' messages would parallel statements
by government officials….The Israeli daily
newspaper Haaretz identified the official
heading the project as Danny Seaman, a
public diplomacy official who has written
posts on his personal Facebook page which
Haaretz described as being incendiary
and anti-Muslim.

Bloch, Emily. "I Was Kicked Off Birthright
For Asking Questions About The Occupation
The Forward, December 24, 2018.

Blumenthal, Max. "Israel Cranks Up the PR
: It’s deploying all its resources to
fight the growing world movement against
the occupation,” The Nation, October 16, 2013.

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weaponizing social media in order to wage a
propaganda war against BDS," Jacobin, July 18, 2017.

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Israel’s war crimes
,” Electronic Intifada, July 25, 2006.

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army uses sex and Instagram to sell its racism
and violence
,” Electronic Intifada, December 26, 2012.

Electronic Intifada. Interview: Challenging Camp
David mythology, four years on
,” November 10, 2004.

Erakat, Noura. “Five Israeli Talking Points on
; Israel claims that it is merely
exercising its right to self-defense and that Gaza
is no longer occupied. Here’s what you need to
know about these talking points and more.
Nation, July 25, 2014.

Esensten, Andrew. "Israel Brings International
Food Bloggers for a Taste of the Holy Land
This summer, two groups of international food
bloggers visited Israel for the first time on separate
all-expense-paid trips, one of which was partially
funded by the Tourism Ministry, Haaretz, September
14, 2012. [Excerpt: "
On the last night of the tour,
the bloggers participated in a cooking workshop with
Yair Feinberg, an Israeli chef …. Feinberg demonstrated
how to make "real" hummus using a state-of-the-art
food processor…. (Paco "Pakus" Becerro, who writes
for a leading food blog in Spain) added: "What you really
do is take things from different cultures and make
them yours, and make them better than they
were before."]

Freeman, Jr, Ambassador Charles W. "Hasbara and the
Control of Narrative as an Element of Strategy
, Middle
East Policy Council, n.d.

Friedman, Lara. "Exploiting Jews from Arab Countries
Lara Friedman makes the point that the U.S. Congress
and Israel's Foreign Ministry should not exploit Jews
who moved to Israel from the Arab World by comparing
them to Palestinian refugees,” Daily Beast, August 2, 2012.
[Also see: Shenhav, Yehouda. "Hitching a Ride on the
Magic Carpet
. Any analogy between Palestinian refugees
and Jewish immigrants from Arab lands is folly in
historical and political terms,” Haaretz, August 15, 2003.]

The Hasbara Buster. Blog, 2008-2013. 

Hammond, Jeremy R. "10 Zionist Arguments You’ve Encountered,
But Didn’t Have Answers To
,” Foreign Policy Journal, November
28, 2016.

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How Prime Minister Netanyahu turns all political opinions
about his leadership into a referendum on nothing less
than the Manichean struggle between good and evil,”
Tablet, February 13, 2018 [Also see Yakov Hirsch’s
"Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel was brought to you by
Jeffrey Goldberg
,” in Mondoweiss, September 15, 2018.]

Hirsch, Yakov. "The power of hasbara culture,”
Mondoweiss, November 5, 2016. [Excerpt: “Hasbara
culture is a belief system about the world.”]

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West Bank not occupied, Earth flat,” Mondoweiss,
September 9. 2012.

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Kadaitcha, November 7, 2011.

Konrad, Edo. "Dismantling the occupation — brick by brick, 
book by book
+972 catches up with American Jewish authors
Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon in Susya, a tiny Palestinian
village in the southern West Bank, as they promote their newbook
about 50 years of occupation,” +972, July 2, 2017. [Excerpt:
"We have to remember that hasbara is not just about the way
Israel wants to portray itself to the outside world. It also has
an internal logic: They don’t want you to look at what
happens in Susya or in Hebron. Hasbara is a tumor and it
is the obligation of every Israeli to excise it from their body
and their mind.”]

Kumar, Deepa. “The more the dead, the better”: Israel’s
crumbling media war
; As the world watches in horror at
the massacre of Palestinians, Israel’s propaganda war
is being challenged,” Salon, July 23, 2014.

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Threat Grows, From U.S. Campuses To
The Israeli Border
,” The Forward, August

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— And You Should, Too
,” The Forward, October 2, 2017.

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Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza
,” Mondoweiss, July 15, 2018.

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dehumanizes its victims, from Indigenous genocide to
Vietnam to Palestine
,” BenNorton.com, July 6, 2017.

Ofir, Jonathan. "‘Ethnic cleansing’ becomes ‘No ethnic
cleansing’ in Israeli history by Benny Morris
,” Mondoweiss,
October 10, 2016. [Excerpt: “Something like a cage has
to be built for them. I know that sounds terrible. It is really
cruel. But there is no choice. There is a wild animal there
that has to be locked up in one way or another.”]

Ofir, Jonathan. "When an Israeli settler is killed,
everyone notices
,” Mondoweiss, September 21,
2018. [Mondoweiss’ summary: "Israeli Hasbarists
are exploiting the death of settler Ari Fuld for
propaganda value as they admonish people for
being insensitive, or even complicit, if they do
not mourn. At the same time, it is forbidden to
note that Palestinians are systematically being
dehumanized to death by the very ideology that
Ari Fuld was championing and is being openly
remembered for.”]

Palumbo-Liu, David. "Marc Lamont Hill and the
Israeli lobby on US campuses
Calls for Marc Lamont
Hill's 'dismissal' from Temple University shows Israel
is losing the battle at US universities, Al Jazeera,
December 10, 2018.

Rose, Liz. "A teacher’s look at Birthright’s study
abroad course description
,” Mondoweiss, January 8, 2019.
[Excerpt: "[E]vasions and distortions in the Birthright
syllabus are dangerous because the “Arab” history
students are getting could sound legitimate to some
who don’t know much about the conflict....a closer
look reveals a sophisticated insidiousness that not only
exploits the very Palestinians who are ignored, but also
exploits the students who have come on the trip to
learn something. The Israeli multiculturalism syllabus
is manipulative; students are presented with a course
that claims to represent Israel’s diversity but ultimately
does nothing more than subtly perpetuate the erasure
of Palestinian life while lauding Israel.....[and] the ways
Israel ignores and fetshizes Palestinian culture isn’t
confined only to Birthright classes.”]

Samih, Hussein. "The beautiful game: a history of
whitewashing international crimes
,” Mondoweiss,
June 8, 2018.

Shalom, Stephen. "‘NYT’ perpetuates myth Israel was
‘fighting for its very survival’ during 1967 war
Mondoweiss, January 29, 2015.
 [Also see James North,
Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and it was
not fighting for survival
,” Mondoweiss, June 2, 2017; 
James North, "‘To live or to perish’ — Norman Finkelstein
on the
Six-Day-War and its mythology,” Mondoweiss,
 June 3, 2017.]

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understand us?
 A short discussion of the Israeli term
used to describe the ongoing, ever-growing, national
propaganda effort,” +972, November 13, 2011.

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,” Tikun Olam, Juky 4, 2012.

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,” Tikun Olam, September 13, 2018.

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World of Israeli Hasbara
,” Tikun Olam. December 31, 2015.

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to debate while smashing your opponent
,” MuzzleWatch,
March 19, 2009.

Weiss, Philip. “Hasbara is Dead,” Mondoweiss, July
10, 2018. 

White, Ben. "Answering five common objections to Israeli
Apartheid Week
,” Medium.com, February 28, 2017.

Winstanley, Asa. "Israel’s covert terror campaign against
human rights groups says a lot about the regime
Middle East Monitor, July 23, 2017. ["Israel now has an
entire government department dedicated to combating
Palestine solidarity efforts, which are slandered as
“delegitimisation” of the state. This Ministry of Strategic
Affairs, it was revealed in the Israeli media last year, is
engaged in “black-ops” against Palestine solidarity
groups and human rights defenders. These include
stalking, harassment and death threats against civilians.”]

"Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see":

Episode 1: The Covert War

Episode 2: Managing Elites

Episode 3: The Witch Hunt

Episode 4: Marketing Occupation

On Contact: The Lobby - USA, Part 1: "Excellent, in-depth conversation with my
colleague @AliAbunimah and @MaxBlumenthal about the suppression of the
Al Jazeera investigative documentary Israel Lobby-USA, hosted by the inimitable
@ChrisLynnHedges -- MUST WATCH” — Nora Barrows-Friedman

On Contact: The Lobby - USA, Part 2: "Excellent, in-depth conversation with my
colleague @AliAbunimah and @MaxBlumenthal about the suppression of the
Al Jazeera investigative documentary Israel Lobby-USA, hosted by the inimitable
@ChrisLynnHedges -- MUST WATCH” — Nora Barrows-Friedman

Full documentary: "The Occupation of the American Mind;
Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States” [1:24; 2016]
"Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. media culture, the film
explores how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and
the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different
motives, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in
Israel's favor. From the U.S.-based public relations campaigns
that emerged in the 1980s to today, the film provides a sweeping
analysis of Israel's decades-long battle for the hearts, minds,
and tax dollars of the American people in the face of widening
international condemnation of its increasingly right-wing
policies. Narrated by Roger Waters / Featuring Amira Hass,
M.J. Rosenberg, Stephen M. Walt, Noam Chomsky, Rula
Jebreal,Henry Siegman, Rashid Khalidi, Rami Khouri, Yousef
Munayyer,Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Phyllis
Bennis,Norman Solomon, Mark Crispin Miller, Peter Hart,
and Sut Jhally.”/ "The Occupation of the American Mind is
one of the most brilliant and important documentaries I
have ever seen.” — Robert W. McChesney, Professor of
Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign/
"The Occupation of the American Mind is a must see for
anyone who is against colonization.” — Neve Gordon,
Professor of Politics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,
Israel / "A stunning exposé on how propaganda drives
public opinion and, in turn, our understanding of reality.”
— Douglas Rushkoff, Professor, Media Theory, CUNY

Noura Erakat [in CBSN interview] responding to Israeli talking points
about Gaza and the US Embassy move [May 15, 2018]

Short video: "Making Israel Sound Not So Bad” [2:20, 2013]

"Between The Lines" - a documentary on Israel Education [hasbara in
American Jewish day schools] [28:23. 2015]

"Jews are walking off their Birthright tours of Israel in favor of
learning firsthand about Palestine” [3:48, 2018]

"These young Palestinians have a message for their stars from Hindi movies.”
#LoveBollywoodHateApartheid [1:59, 2018]

Lecture by Nurit Peled-Elhanan: "Palestine in Israeli School Books” 
[1:44:45, University of Copenhagen, 2015]

Shulamit Aloni [Israeli Minister without portfolio (1974), Minister
of Education and Culture (1992-1993), Minister of Science and
the Arts (1993-1996), Minister of Communications
(1993-1996); recipient (2000) of the Israel Prize, for her
lifetime achievements and special contribution to society
and the State of Israel
]: “From Europe somebody is criticising Israel
then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people
are criticising Israel then they are anti-Semitic …. [I]t is very
easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli
government as anti-Semitic, and to bring up the Holocaust
and the suffering of the Jewish people, and that justifies
everything we do to the Palestinians.” [2002]

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