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• Private lessons with Michael Levin are
offered through Columbia College, Chicago,
where he is adjunct faculty in the Department of Music. ● Students
entering Columbia College with the admirable intention of pursuing
a program of study emphasizing the value of an interdisciplinary
education should be aware that Columbia College only offers music
lessons to music majors. ● Students entering Columbia College with
experience in traditional elementary, jr. high, and high school music
programs [programs emphasizing the fundamental value of
individual, private lessons] should be aware that the
administration of Columbia College has instituted an innovative
program. This program channels into GROUP lessons all music
students not majoring in the study of the specific instrument for
which they desire lessons. This bold development saves
Columbia College money. ● Students entering Columbia College
with the reasonable expectation that existing musical
programs/ensembles will continue to be offered during
the time of their attendance should be aware that this is a wildly
optimistic assumption [“For the past several years, we’ve been
offering more ensembles than our enrollment would
justify,….This year (2017)...we will offer a smaller number
of ensembles in alignment with our educational priorities
and our anticipated enrollment….If we seek to retain returning
students and grow our enrollment, it’s up to all of us to
represent positive change to them.” — Music Department
Ensemble Task Force, 4.14.17 ]. ● Students entering Columbia
College with the admirable intention of pursuing a program
of study emphasizing the value of critical inquiry should
be aware that the adminstration of Columbia College has
twice [unsuccessfully] attempted to close down important
courses in the Israel-Palestine conflict which challenge
hasbara (and the American Association of University
Professors has strongly criticized Columbia College for
attempting to violate academic freedom). ● CC students
hoping to use Columbia College facilities after graduating
should be aware that Columbia College campus visitation
policy strongly discourages this use by requiring
alumni to schedule a specific appointment before
permission is granted to enter any campus building. 

Note: Michael Levin does not offer recommendations to
study abroad programs in Israel. These programs potentially
violate the rights of US faculty and students, including
campus non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies,
they potentially violate academic freedom of Palestinian,
Arab, and Muslim students, they work in tandem with the
repudiated practice of blacklisting as a means of political
repression, and they may be complicit in violations of
international law by Israeli universities including systemic
racial discrimination. Finally, Israel is proceeding to
escalate its outrageous "discriminatory policy aimed at
preventing international academics from staying
in the West Bank and refusing to renew visas for those
with teaching contracts.” [For further background see
Odeh Bisharat’s article in the Israeli daily Haaretz:
It is time to boycott Israeli academia,” July 29, 2019;
David Palumbo-Liu’s article in Truthout: “Israel
Systematically Blocks International Scholars From
Reaching Palestine
,” August 11, 2019, and Amira Hass’
article in Israeli daily Haaretz: “Israeli university heads
say won’t intervene in discrimination against Palestinian
,” Haaretz, August 28, 2019. (Palestine Legal:
"Israel's denial of entry to foreigners wishing to teach
or study in the West Bank was one discriminatory practice
cited in a Pitzer College vote to suspend the school's study
abroad program in Haifa earlier this year.”)]

Michael Levins is proud to support the BDS call.

[As noted by Palestine Legal: "The Palestinian
civil society call for a boycott to protest Israel’s
ongoing violations of their human rights
includes a call to boycott Israeli academic institutions.
This includes study abroad programs in Israel, which it
says “are part of the Israeli propaganda effort, designed
to give international students a ‘positive experience’ of
Israel, white washing its occupation and denial of Palestinian
rights.” The boycott guidelines also state that
“international faculty should not accept to write
recommendations for students hoping to pursue
studies in Israel,” given these institutions’ complicity
in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights.”]

 When I put my bass down, I’m in trouble.
That’s when the challenge starts because you have to learn how
to be the kind of person you are when you're playing. That’s the
hard part.
Charlie Haden

• Last summer, Michael was part of the faculty
for the
Chicago Latin Jazz Workshop. As
details about upcoming workshops and clinics are announced
they will be posted here.

Jim Hall Quote

Free Music Resources


"Ten Rules for Students and Teachers” — attributed to John Cage,
however, the actual author is Sister Corita Kent

Glenn Gould and Leonard Bernstein: Bach's Keyboard Concerto
No. 1 in D minor (BWV 1052)

T Monk Advice

Advice from Thelonius Monk, transcribed by Steve Lacy

Laurie Anderson Interview: Advice to the Young


Woodie Guthrie - New Years Resolutions 1943

Woodie Guthrie’s New Years Resolutions for 1943

Terrance Blanchard gives advice to young musicians and shares
his thoughts on jazz

Chick Corea Advice

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Robert Dick gives advice to young musicians and shares
his thoughts on careers in music [also watch part III]

Pat Metheny - Lesson on Improvisation

Helen Frankenthaler on How to Be an Artist 
● Also see How to Be an Artist, According to
Georgia O’Keeffe
Willem de Kooning on
How to Be an Artist
How to Be an Artist,
According to Louise Bourgeois
; How to Be
an Artist, According to Henri Matisse
; How
to Be an Artist, According to Edvard
Munch, Master of “The Scream”
How to
Be an Artist, According to Josef Albers
Mark Rothko on How to Be an Artist;
Anni Albers on How to Be an Artist

Charles Gayle Interview: What Does Music Have to Teach Us?

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Angela Davis music eresistance quote

Boston Philharmonic: Interpretation Class with Benjamin Zander:
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto in A Major Mvt. II

Stravinsky on Listening

"Learn how to Circular Breathe in 10 minutes. Really."

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“Under separate cover, we are returning your music."

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Should I Make Art

Jazz Bassist Jonah Jonathan interviews alto saxophonist David Binney for
his interview series: The Jazz Musician's Voice

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"I want to be the force which is truly for good." - John Coltrane in 1966,
as told Frank Kofsky

"Clarinet legend Eddie Daniels discusses his career and performs with
pianist Lee Musiker in this video. Eddie talks about his transformation
from first-call studio musician to world-renowned jazz clarinetist, his
teachers, and his way of practicing."

Lessons • Lessons • Lessons • Lessons • Lessons • Lessons 
Sun Ra - All Stars 1983 - October 29, Berlin, Germany, Philharmonie,
Jazztage 1983 Don Cherry, tp, voc / Lester Bowie, tp / Marshall Allen,
as, per / John Gilmore, ts, fl / Archie Shepp, ts, voc / Sun Ra, key
Richard Davis, b / Clifford Jarvis, dr / Philly Joe Jones, dr /
Famoudou Don Moye, per / 0 [00:00] Announcement
Michael Naura 1 [04:00] Happy Birthday / Stars That Shine
Darkly 2 [16:15] Title (DCh, tp - PhJJ, dr - duo)
3 [20:30] Somewhere Else 4 [28:55] Early Morning Blues
5 [38:10] Poinciana 

The Laughing Heart - Charles Bukowski - A Short Film /
Animation and Illustration: Bradley Bell Poem by: Charles Bukowski
Spoken by: Tom Waits Music: Grizzly Bear - Foreground Length: 01’45”
Produced at Chelsea College of Art 

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 Everything you do is music, and everywhere
is the best seat.

John Cage

•   Online Metronome

•   Online Chromatic Tuner & Tone Generator

•   Glossary of Musical Terminology

•   Manuscript paper

Download here and hereand print to your heart's content.

•   Petrucci Music Library is a virtual library of free,
downloadable music, which includes over over 300,000 scores
and 35,000 recordings for over 93,000 works by over 12,000

•  Recording advice
Miking and Recording Woodwinds [Recording Magazine]
Miking Bass Clarinet [Michael Lowenstern]
Microphone Techniques [Shure, 2009]

•   Instrument Serial Number Lists

Jazz Links Page created by Bob Keller

•  Clarinet Fingering Charts

•  Top 10+ Things that Beginner 
Clarinet Players Do Wrong and 
How to Correct Them

•  Links to Helpful Clarinet

•  Robert Marcellus Master Class
Audio Archives

•  Robert Marcellus Interview

•  Eddie Daniels Videos from
Backun Musical Services

•  J. Lawrie Bloom Videos on
How to Play Bass Clarinet

•  Michael Lowenstern Videos
on How to Play Bass Clarinet

•  Michael Lowenstern Videos
Yes. You Can Play High Notes on
Bass Clarinet EASILY. (-ish)

•  Michelle Anderson Video
Series: Clarinet Mentors


•  Sean Osborn Video Series:
10 Steps to a Great Clarinet Section


•  Buddy DeFranco Master Class
[1997 IAJE Conference in Chicago]

•  William Ridenour on Clarinet
and the Cult of Boutiqueism

•  Great New Orleans Clarinet
Players: click on the portraits and listen

•  Internet Archive has digitized
26,000 78rpm records: free listening
and downloading

•  Artist Saxophone Mouthpiece
Setup, Mouthpiece Data, Reed Chart

•  Woodwind Repair Articles

•  Twenty-Five Great Jazz Flute

•  Chris Potter: 2017/18 Alto
and Bass Flute Recommendations

•  Twenty-Five Great Jazz Baritone
Saxophone Peformances

•  Solo Transcriptions Page which
lists and links to 1780 solo transcriptions for sax,
flute, clarinet, and ewi

•  Sax solo transcriptions by
Charles McNeal

•  Scale Omnibus “is a 400-page ebook
that illustrates as many as 392 distinct scales and modes
from all over the world, transposed in all keys, with historical
notes and the list of chords over which each scale sounds
good. Probably the most complete book on this topic,
and it's totally free”

•  Jazz Handbook with lots of information
on topics ranging from jazz history to jazz theory

•  History of Electronic / Electroacoustic
Music (1937-2001) in 476 tracks

•  Logic Pro X Video Tutorials:
77 free video lessons on using Logic Pro X

•  100+ Awesome Free Online
Resources For Music Producers

•  SampleRadar: Free music
samples: download loops, hits
and multis 
is the hub page for MusicRadar’s
regular giveaway of pro-quality, royalty-free
samples; 66,385 free sample downloads

•  Ultimate List of Free Massive Presets

•  Free Plugins from Splice

•  Top 50 Free VST Plugins of 2015

•  Top 25 Free VST Plugins of 2016

•  Top 50 Free VST Plugins of 2017

•  Top 25 Free VST Plugins of 2018

•  Top 10 Free NI Kontakt Libraries (2019)

•  The Art of Sampling: a series of articles on
sampling from Sound on Sound Magazine

•  Free Digital Audio Workstations
[DAW Software]

•  Online Tone Generator

•  Top Ten Production Bad Habits
and How You Can Fix Them 
Part 1 Part 2

•  Speaker and Studio Monitor
Placement Secrets; How to Setup Your
Studio / Critical Listening Room

•  1200 Years of Women
Composers: A Free 78-Hour
Music Playlist That Takes You
From Medieval Times to Now
[Spotify playlist]

•  Master List of 1,200 Free Courses From
Top Universities: 40,000 Hours of Audio/Video Lectures

Clarinet Mouthpieces

Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart
[Note: all charts courtesy of Ellis Music]


Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Alto Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Baritone Sax Mouthpiece Comparison Chart


Clarinet Reeds


Sax Reeds

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“How a Bunny Sounds” — Kim Krans

 Promise me you’ll always remember:
you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.    
                Christopher Robin

Michael Levin with Wilfredo Rivera at American Rhythm Center

With Wilfredo Rivera at American Rhythm Center

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